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Best spots for dating in Miami

Given that Miami is the third most populated city in the East coast of the US, dating in Miami is an adventure. If you have a match and don’t know where to go yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Choose from one of the following options for an unforgettable dating experience in Miami. 

Top restaurant choice for a dinner date

Santorini by Georgios

Greek Cuisine​​

Your Miami experience will not be complete without a touch of Greek cuisine by the beach. The Santorini restaurant is run by Georgios’ family and every time you visit, you are welcomed by their warm greetings. The large Greek salads, grilled souvlaki and the variety of seafood can easily give you a sense of vibrant Greece while sunbathing in Miami. In addition to the meals, you and your date can enjoy lovely cocktails for a romantic evening out.

The best club to dance the night away with your date

Located in downtown Miami, Space Nightclub is a venue for massive dance parties! The club consists of a big room, upstairs loft and a large patio to welcome the sunrise after a wild night. It redefines entertainment and brings it to a new level. The audio-visual shows and lighting systems create an atmosphere of grand festivals! If you’re looking for an unforgettable date night in Miami, experience the hip-hop and house music at Space Nightclub!

The ideal landmark for a date during the day

The most popular landmark in Miami is the Art Deco Historic District in the South Beach area. The buildings were built after a hurricane in 1926 where they were restored beautifully with various colours and neon signs. The style of architecture that is dominant in the area is typical of the 1930s-40s and provides a great atmosphere for a stroll with your date. 

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