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Best spots for dating in Los Angeles

Given that Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California, dating in LA is an adventure. If you have a match and don’t know where to go yet, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Choose from one of the following options for an unforgettable dating experience in Los Angeles. 

Top restaurant choice for a dinner date

Osteria La Buca

Italian Cuisine​

Situated in Southern California, Osteria La Buca celebrates Italian cuisine by using local produce for delicious recipes. The pasta is made in-house and is emblematic for the restaurant’s attention to fresh ingredients and handmade traditions. What is more, the venue is just blocks away from Paramount Studios which makes it an ideal spot to take your date for dinner! 

The best club to dance the night away with your date

Academy LA is the most famous club for organizing incredible electronic dance parties. It offers a massive dance floor to give you and your partner the energy you need for an unforgettable experience! The wide patio area also gives you two the chance to have drinks outside and chill for a bit before going inside to take over the dance floor! You will have an amazing date night enjoying the rhythms of some of the biggest electronic dance music companies!

The ideal landmark for a date during the day

Apart from the very well-known Hollywood sign, there is one more place that you should not miss out on – the Warner Bros Studio! A tour around the place will lead you to the stages where the most popular TV shows are filmed. In addition to all this, the sets consist of props that turn into jungles, cities and more. A tour around the studio will surely be a date to remember!

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