Community Guidelines

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Want the quick version of our #Dating community guidelines?⏳
Be real, kind and thoughtful, don’t solicit or do anything illegal and use appropriate photos. That’s it!

The 5 golden rules of the #Dating community 

We are excited that you’re here! We strive to be the place where everyone has the chance to date their way and explore their interests – without interference from others. To help make this happen, we’ve come up with a few golden rules for everyone in our community to follow:

1. Be real

Use your real name, photo and info on your profile. Be honest when you’re chatting with others. We want you to find success on our platform, but you can’t do that if you’re not genuine about who you are.

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2. Be kind

Everyone on #Dating should be respectful and inclusive. Harassment, hate speech and rude, inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated. We strongly encourage our users to report anyone who violates this.

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3. Be thoughtful

Avoid copying and pasting the same message to all your matches. Get to know your match’s interests by reviewing their profile and create thoughtful messages that are specific to them. ❤️ This is the best way to find meaningful connections on #Dating!

We also encourage our community not to “ghost” matches on #Dating – that is, cutting off all communication with zero warning. It’s okay to tell someone you’re not interested – just be direct, honest and kind.

4. Use appropriate photos

We want to create the kind of environment where everyone feels comfortable, so we’ve set a few golden rules for photos as well. Make sure the photos you upload adhere to these photo guidelines: 

  • Upload at least 1 photo of yourself
  • No nudity
  • No minors on their own, or minors depicted in an inappropriate way
  • No guns
  • No political slogans, statements, or symbols
  • No personal contact info
  • No watermarks or text overlays
  • No content that is abusive or promotes violence or hate crimes


It’s also important that the photos you upload are yours – no celebrities, fake photos or photos that legally belong to someone else.

5. Be on your best behavior

#Dating is not a place for illegal activity or solicitation. If you do anything illegal or try to use our app as a marketplace, you’ll be banned and may be reported to the authorities. We take the safety of our community very seriously and we work hard to make #Dating an attractive and secure place to meet people. 🔐

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At #Dating, our goal is to be a space where everyone is free to be their true selves. 🙌

These guidelines, our “Be real, be kind” pledge and the #Dating Terms of Use were created so everyone in our community can have a safe and positive experience using our platform. 

If you don’t follow these guidelines, our pledge or our terms, you may permanently lose your #Dating account.

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