You’re Not Imagining It: Men and Women Do Communicate Differently!

Guy giving his girlfriend a piggyback ride.

Have you ever noticed that men and women communicate in very different ways? It’s not just the sound of the voice, but the pure goal of interaction too. For example, women tend to communicate with the goal of being liked, whereas men usually focus more on being respected.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner or you’ve already found your soulmate, you’ll probably spend a lot of time together just talking. But when the communication between you isn’t as smooth as it could be, take a step back and consider whether it’s a difference in communication style that’s causing a rift. Check out these five key differences and take a step in the right direction when it comes to better conversations.

Maybe women don’t come from Venus and men don’t come from Mars, but we’re not exactly the same either!

Here are five key differences:


1. Being liked vs. respected.

Men and women have different goals when they communicate with others. While women aim to be liked, men focus on being respected.

2. Indirect vs. direct.

Women often communicate their wants and needs indirectly, while men are more direct.

3. Saying sorry vs. prioritizing authority.

Women are often quicker to apologize than men. Men tend to fear that their authority will be compromised by saying sorry.

4. Sharing it vs. keeping it in.

Women enjoy sharing their thoughts, whereas men are more likely to keep things to themselves.

5. Collaborate vs. compete.

Women prefer to collaborate and socially bond, while men are more inclined to compete. Women enjoy giving compliments, while men prefer to tease.

Ana Vakos

Ana Vakos

Ana Vakos has been a writer from a very young age and she now specializes in dating and relationship topics. Writing brings her great joy, especially if it can help someone find new love or improve an existing relationship.


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