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Why People Break Up After Winter For The Spring Dating Surge

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Everyone loves a spring-clean right? Sorting out your wardrobe, decluttering your living space… It always makes you feel in control of your life and ready for the year ahead!

But, did you know that spring-cleaning can happen in the world of love? Yup! Love in spring can be fun and romantic, but it can also be a time when relationships end and new ones begin.

We are talking about the winter-spring relationships that allowed romance to define the festive season, but feel lukewarm when the weather gets warmer. But, why is this? Why do people break up after the winter?

Is there an uncuffing season?

Woman laying on bed checking her phone while her boyfriend is sleeping next to her

You have probably heard about cuffing season, right? It is the time of year when the nights are shorter and it is pretty cold, so we find a partner to curl up with at nighttime to keep us warm. Romances bloom over the winter period, and many people couple up during these months.

But of course, when there is a cuffing season, there naturally is an uncuffing season!

Winter-spring relationships that were amazing during the colder months seem a bit boring once the warm weather comes around, and many people tend to drift away from their festive romance.

The world wakes up, and things get busier for both you and your partner. Love takes a backseat, with your focus turning to getting out into the world and enjoying the springtime. Of course, love in spring can be pretty fun, as we always want to enjoy Valentine’s Day with someone special. But, soon after the big day, couples may begin to drift apart.

Will my romance survive Valentine’s Day?

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Another reason why spring and love are complicated and loads of people break up during this time is because they wanted to do it over winter, but kind of felt they couldn’t.

The festive period is inherently romantic, with kisses under the mistletoe and fireworks. Nobody wants to be newly single during that, right?

So, some couples will stick it out over the winter months before breaking up in the spring. Then of course it is Valentine’s Day and couples might try for one last attempt to salvage their relationship.

A lot of people will break up after the winter because of a disappointing festive season and Valentine’s Day. This makes people realize that the person they are dating is not the one that they want to be with for the rest of their lives.

Plus, people may want to save face over the festive period. As families meet during this time, people may choose to stick with their partner during it to avoid awkward questions and explanations.

Am I happy with my current relationship?

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A new year brings forth a whole load of possibilities. As spring blooms and days get longer, we begin to think about the future and what we actually want from our lives. What do we want to achieve this year? Where do we want to be on New Year’s Eve, and how do we want to feel?

Sometimes, what we want does not include the person that we are dating. Because of the self-reflection that occurs in the springtime, we will typically have a few realizations about our current circumstances and the future.

If we are already doubtful about the relationship we are in, spring spurs us on to make decisions in regard to love. Winter-spring relationships that were a whole load of fun at the time begin to feel a bit dull, and we turn our attention to the future of ourselves and what we want to do.

How do I want to spend my summer?

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Many people break up after their winter-spring relationship because they want to be single for summer. This may seem selfish at first, but summer is the time for having fun and exploring the world, so people might not want to be tied down at all.

Summer is definitely the best season to be single. Impromptu trips abroad and holiday romances? Going to parties and beaches and meeting new, interesting people? What’s not to like!

In the summertime, life seems endless. There are so many opportunities to explore both ourselves and the world around us. We can meet others with similar interests and try out new and exciting experiences.

Is this partner right for me?

Woman taking a selfie in the park

Of course, all these factors influence why people break up after winter for the spring dating surge. However, the main reason why people break up during this time is simply because it was not meant to be.

Life is to be enjoyed, and it is too short to waste on romances that don’t feel good. Love in spring will last if it is strong, but because of the self-reflection and forward-thinking that occurs in the spring, breakups will happen.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing! Being single means that you can work on yourself and find out what you really want from a relationship. Look forward to the year ahead, and have fun doing what you want to do!


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