What’s Your Most Compatible Zodiac Sign This Thanksgiving?

The zodiac symbols

Different zodiac signs may be more compatible with you than others. Each one has their own set of romantic qualities to offer you this Thanksgiving!

Not sure which zodiac sign to take home to meet the family for Thanksgiving? Take this fun and easy quiz to discover which zodiac signs you’re most compatible with this season!

Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Ideal Thanksgiving Match?

1. Picnic in the park
2. A chilled sports bar
3. Watching stand-up comedy
4. Open-air party bus
5. A quiet, relaxed meal
6. An art museum

1. Inception
2. Good Will Hunting
3. The Matrix
4. Love Actually
5. The Da Vinci Code
6. Avatar

1. Acts of service
2. Undivided attention
3. Quality time
4. Words of affirmation
5. Physical touch
6. Gift giving

1. Loyalty
2. Ambition
3. Confidence
4. Affectionate
5. Passion
6. Compassion

1. A trip somewhere special
2. Roses
3. A love poem
4. A candlelit dinner
5. Toys for the bedroom
6. Romantic bath products

1. Any love songs
2. House
3. Rap
4. Heavy metal
5. Classical
6. Gospel

All 6 questions completed!

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Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Ideal Thanksgiving Match?

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Lauren Gerber

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