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Quiz: What’s Your Dating Type?

Two people having a glass of wine at a restaurant

Whether or not you’ve noticed it, chances are that you have a certain dating type that you fall for in a relationship. And each type has its own wonderful qualities and a few things to look out for.

Not sure what your type is? Take this quiz and find out which of the six most popular dating archetypes fits your style!

Discover Your Dating Type

1. A VIP dance floor
2. A volunteer trip
3. A private cabin
4. A historical city
5. You’d rather take charge
6. It’s a surprise!

1. A good crowd
2. Sustainable menu options
3. A romantic ambience
4. Good reviews
5. A familiar menu
6. A flexible reservation policy

1. Hop on social media
2. Pick up trash around
3. Snuggle with each other against the building
4. Read a news article
5. Play the arcade machines
6. Do your own things

1. Sick - or they’re out
2. Writing a passionate thinkpiece
3. Making you a playlist
4. Watching Oscar-nominated films
5. Thinking of you
6. You have no idea!

1. Their friends know you
2. You understand their passion
3. They profess their love
4. They recommend a book
5. They ask for advice
6. They actually make plans

1. Planning a night out
2. Doing something for you
3. One-on-one time together
4. Them praising your ideas
5. Cuddling up
6. Communicating physically

1. At a nightclub
2. At a rally
3. You’ve known them forever
4. An immersive theater experience
5. They asked for directions
6. When you approached them

All 7 questions completed!

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Discover Your Dating Type

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