What to Buy Someone You’ve Recently Started Dating for Christmas

A couple exchanging Christmas presents

The holiday season can be challenging to navigate. It can be especially hard if it’s your first Christmas with your partner: it can be tricky finding the ideal Christmas gift ideas that won’t scare them off or give the wrong vibe.

The 10 best Christmas gift ideas for couples

With new relationships, you might be cautious. Finding the best gifts for your partner for Christmas can be nerve-wracking. This is understandable, especially if you want to keep your status casual. Or, if you are hoping that the relationship may turn into something more serious, a gift can help convey this.

You can give practical Christmas presents or choose a fun and quirky angle. In the end, it will be best to select a gift that aligns with the current state of your relationship. This way, you can avoid any awkward conversations or unintentional motives.

If you are at a loss for appropriate Christmas gifts for them, we can help. Here are 10 terrific choices to make the holiday season less stressful for you.

1. Personalized gift basket

Gift basket filled with wine and chocolate for Christmas

There is so much to learn with a new relationship, even with casual dating couples. You can avoid overstepping the seriousness of gift-giving with a personalized gift basket.

Fill the basket with fun or useful items that your date will love. Include things like chocolates, gourmet coffee, or comfy slippers with a warm blanket. You cannot go wrong by choosing comfort in a basket.

2. Customized travel mugs or water bottles

Having a high-quality mug or water bottle is something anyone can use. But having one customized is even better. Let your partner know you listen by adding a logo from their favorite sports team. Try including a cute holiday design for a personalized touch.

A customized travel mug or bottle will have your partner thinking of you each time they use it. Whether at the office or gym, your gift will be functional and thoughtful.

3. A gift card or membership

Two people sitting and exchanging Christmas cards

If your partner uses a service such as a local gym or enjoys going to the theater, why not opt for a gift membership? With this option, you want to be sure that it will be for an activity or event that they already enjoy. This way, your gift will look thoughtful and be something they will most definitely use.

Gift cards are also a terrific option for some couples new to dating. Although they may be impersonal for long-term couples, new relationships are ideal situations. Gift cards can give the message that you are thinking of them, but not too much that it is serious, yet.

4. Coffee table books

If your date enjoys books, there are many amusing or captivating coffee table books to suit any taste. Whether they love to travel or enjoy art, there is sure to be a beautifully bound book they would enjoy.

5. Movie theater gift certificates

Are you and your partner movie buffs? Why not give a Christmas gift that will ensure you and your date will have things to do together? Choose some movie theater gift certificates and you will be ready to go out for the newest flick as soon as it comes out.

This gift idea ensures that you are not giving your partner something they will not use. No one wants a present that sits on their shelf until they re-gift it to someone else.

6. Wireless or portable charger

Everyone can relate to having a device where the battery runs low in the most inopportune times. If it’s your first Christmas as a couple, why not choose a functional present they will use every day?

A wireless or portable charger can be an ideal gift for anyone with a busy lifestyle. This way, you and your partner can keep in touch without having to worry about low batteries any longer. Practical gifts can be thoughtful when you are still getting to know each other.

7. Pet-lover gifts

A couple and their dog all dressed in Santa costumes for Christmas

One guaranteed way to your partner’s heart is through their fur-baby. If your newest love interest owns an animal, try a different angle. You can keep the gift casual but still show you’re interested by showing love to their pet.

It may surprise you how much there is to buy for those four-legged friends at your local pet store. From seasonal outfits to special toys and treats, there is something for any breed of animal. Grab a basket and start creating the perfect pet-lover gift for your partner’s furry best friend.

8. Foot massager

Nothing says relaxation and comfort like a foot massager. Let your partner know how much you care for them on your first Christmas together. This gift will help them get away from the everyday stresses of work.

Whether they work outside or in an office, it can come in handy. Relaxing their feet can be beneficial after an exhausting day.

9. Handmade candles

Woman making candles

Give a creative present that will impress your date with your skills. You can find many homemade candle-making supplies from a local craft store or online. It is easy to create a beautiful wax candle in only a day. Giving homemade gifts shows your date how much effort you are willing to put in. They are sure to appreciate the gesture.

10. A day of activities together

If your partner loves to ski or enjoys hiking, why not plan a day, or weekend of activities together? Buy lift tickets for that ski enthusiast. Or map out some hiking trails they have not had a chance to explore yet.

Buy some snacks and make sure you take care of all the details while enjoying some time outdoors as a couple.

The holidays don’t need to be stressful

There are many terrific Christmas gift options for couples who recently started dating. Whether you want something quirky or an item that shows how much you are interested in them, these 10 ideas take the stress out of finding the perfect item for your new partner.

Cheryl Wozny

Cheryl Wozny

Cheryl is a wife, mother of four, and a published author who has dabbled in many different niches for over a decade of writing. Her focus on honest and genuine connections helps provide practical information that anyone can use, regardless of their current relationship status.


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