What NOT to Do on a First Date and When to Break Those Rules

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There are a few times when classic wisdom and common dating advice doesn’t work. If you’ve ever been on a first date, there’s no doubt that your friends and family tried to give you some advice. Sure they have your best interests at heart but sometimes it’s better not to listen and instead do what feels right for you!

Every relationship is different and getting to know your date in a way that feels authentic to you is much more important than following generic dating rules. So, when should you break those rules?

Rule 1: Never discuss religion or politics

Should you ever break it?

This is one of those classic dating rules. But if you’re passionate about either, then why not be honest about who you really are? Better to put yourself out there and risk rejection than find out later that you’re incompatible.

Rule 2: Never bring a friend

Should you ever break it?

You should never just show up with a friend. But doing a double date is perfect! You’ll have more confidence and you won’t feel so much pressure to make the first move.

Rule 3: Never choose an activity where you can’t talk

Should you ever break it?

It can be tempting to choose something like a movie for a first date. Not having to work through awkward silence can help quench dating anxiety. But if you do this, be ready to suggest something like getting a drink or dessert afterward. Bonus, you’ve now got something to talk about!

Rule 4: Stay off your phone

Should you ever break it?

There’s a big difference between just falling into your phone and ignoring your date and using your phone to interact. But if you’re having a hard time finding conversation starters, sharing your favorite videos and meme accounts is an easy way to get laughing together. 

Rule 5: Nobody likes bragging

Should you ever break it?

Nobody likes someone who won’t shut up about themselves. But if you’ve got the world’s cutest dog or you just created a masterpiece in painting class? Both are big factors that your date might find desirable, so go for it!


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