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Virtual Gift Ideas for Online Dating

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You’ve been exchanging texts, voice, and video calls with your far away bae for a while now and you are ready to show them that they’ve been on your mind even though you’re apart. What better way than to say it with a gift sent to their doorstep or inbox. Even though you’re miles away, technology (and a credit card) has made it possible for you to send a gift to anyone almost anywhere!

If you’re not great at gifts, breathe, we’ve done the thinking for you. Keep the virtual romance alive with our compilation of virtual gift ideas that we’ve grouped according to their interests!

If they like music…

Two women sitting back to back, laughing and listening to music

Get them a Spotify or Apple Music gift card.

Studies have shown that music is a mood booster and can also help connect us. As a bonus, customize a playlist for them after they’ve loaded their music subscriptions and let John Legend help you profess your love to them.

If they like to travel…

Woman travelling through a train station carrying a backpack

Buy them an online Airbnb experience that takes them on a tour in another country, complete with your own tour guide and personalized commentary. You can travel the world on a virtual date with them from your couch.

Use this as a chance to visit places the both of you have always talked about going to, and take notes for when travel restrictions are finally eased.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some interesting ones:
– Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in Africa
– Explore Jaipur, The Royal City of India
– Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh Tour
– Egypt through Local Eyes
– A Journey Through Venice and its Canals

If they like gaming…

Buy them a gift card for their favorite game.

If you want something that allows the both of you to enjoy together, you can get a Jackbox party pack and try some two-player games.

If both of you have a mutual friend circle, the party pack can also be used for bigger groups. We guarantee you two will definitely be known as the fun couple after hosting a virtual game night!

If they like to read…

Woman reading a book

Ask them what they’re reading right now, search it up online on a major book retailer with global shipping like Amazon Books and Book Depository, and choose some similar or recommended books for them.

If you prefer not to send something physical, you can also get them an Audible subscription, which will give them access to thousands of audiobooks and podcasts. You can even gift them a specific title or a twelve-month subscription, depending on how much they read!

If they like learning new things…

Get them a MasterClass subscription. MasterClass provides online classes delivered by the world’s best. They’re not just the best instructors, they’re the best in their field. Think Samuel L. Jackson teaching acting, Hans Zimmer teaching film scoring, and Gordon Ramsay teaching how to cook at home.

The best part about this? Once the both of you get to meet up, you’ll probably get to taste a newly-learned dish or two.

If they like working out…

Woman tying her sneakers and getting ready to workout

Get them a virtual membership from Classpass which has a good mix of on-demand workout classes and live virtual classes in cities around the world, at various timezones.

If you want something a bit more personalized, you can also buy them a gift card from their favorite sportswear brand. A cute new outfit is always great motivation for working out!

If they like coffee…

Person holding a coffee while sitting at a desk in front of their laptop

Get them a coffee subscription which will bring them freshly-brewed coffee to their home once every few days or weekly. Most cities should have a few retailers offering this (just search ‘coffee subscription’, but if you’re based in the US, you can try Humblemaker.

We know that gifts sometimes aren’t everyone’s love language. But if you still want to show them that you care, here are some gifts for other love languages:

If their love language is physical touch…

Get them matching lamps that light up or touch bracelets that also vibrate when the other party touches them. It won’t be able to replace the actual feeling of physical touch, but we like that these subtle features allow for some virtual intimacy even while the two of you are apart.

If their love language is acts of service…

Two paper bags of food for take out

Save them time from having to cook their dinner by getting them a food delivery gift card from their local food delivery platforms, such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

If you want to take it up a notch and save them decision-making time, especially if you know they’ve had a busy week, tell them you’ll settle dinner and arrange for their favourite dish to be sent right to their doorstep. Just make sure you get their food preferences, allergies and timezones correct!

If their love language is quality time…

Purchase a card game such as Our Moments for them and use the cards on a video date. Use the good conversation starters from the cards to learn more about each other and build emotional intimacy with the more thought-provoking questions.

If their love language is words of affirmation…

Handwritten letter laying on a table with a red rose on top

Snail mail them a handwritten card telling them how much you miss and love them.

If you’d rather have something a bit more polished and professional, Tellinga is a hand-drawn storybook greeting card service that can turn your love story into a greeting design, through one postcard, or twelve if you have more words or stories.


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