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Virtual Date Ideas for Shy People

Man having a video chat date with a woman.

The pandemic has affected the way we all date. Between lockdowns, travel-bans, and self-isolation rules, there seems no real way of dating like we used to. Because of this, online dating has become the norm, with video dates and slow dating allowing new relationships to flourish. 

A lot of people like virtual dating; it allows us to find connections with potential partners from the comfort of our own home. If you are shy, the anxiety-inducing first meet-up with someone you don’t really know can be extremely difficult. We know how hard it can be to date when you are shy. Studies have shown that shy people tend to have less satisfying romantic relationships, finding it hard to fully open up and connect with people. But don’t worry, not all hope is lost! 

We want to help those that find dating just that little bit harder! Virtual dating might not be for everyone, but it can really help out shy people. With the rise of online dating during the pandemic, there’s now a virtual date option out there for everyone. The idea of a video date might be pretty unappealing: we don’t need unflattering camera angles and awkward silences! So, what can we do in order to feel confident dating online?

Let’s look at some great virtual date ideas for shy people that allow you to connect and learn about the person you are on the date with, but without the general awkwardness of a video date! 

Watch a concert together

Woman listening to music in headphones and dancing in her room.

We love the idea of finding an old concert on YouTube and watching it together. This means that you can do something together, but don’t have to have a video date. You can watch your favorite band and chat over text, connecting with your date by talking about the music that you love! 

There are so many full-length concerts available for free online, but we are also a fan of Tiny Desk Concerts. Why don’t you pick two of your favorites to watch, and your date pick two of theirs?

Music is the language of love, so what better way to find romance online than by listening to your favorite song together?

Have a games night

Girl playing video games.

If you are on a video date, picking games to play makes online dating super fun and less awkward! Before you begin the date, choose the games that you are interested in. If you need to make an account for certain websites, consider doing so before the date so you’re ready for fun from the get-go. 

There are so many great sources online that allow you to play games with another person online. Websites like Jackbox Games and are great for party games and can be a super fun virtual date idea! You can also challenge your date on quiz websites such as Sporcle.

If you haven’t heard of GeoGuessr yet, go check it out! We love this game as it allows you to visit other places without actually leaving your home. Plus, you have a lot of fun at the same time! It has the multiplayer option that allows you to challenge friends (or dates).

Oh, and also, remember the escape rooms that everyone was trying out a few years ago? Well, these things are now online, too! When it comes to virtual dating, this would be a super fun way to have a laugh and connect with your date.

Take an online class

Woman painting on an easel wearing headphones and holding a cup of coffee.

Being shy can impact dating because of the anxiety of having to speak to your date one-on-one, with nothing to do and a whole load of silence to fill! Because of this, we think that taking an online class is a great virtual date idea for shy people as it gives you something to do and you are both listening to someone else instruct you! This eases the stress of having to find things to talk about. 

Skillshare is a great place to browse if you fancy taking an online class with your date. How about taking an art class with your date and showing each other the final masterpiece at the end? Taking a class in something that neither you nor your date have a clue about would make the virtual date even more fun!

Dating questions

Man video chatting on his phone, laughing and drinking a glass of champagne.

Online dating can make getting to actually know your partner a bit harder. Of course, games and concerts and classes can be super fun and it can create a connection between you and your date.

Perhaps you have done a few of these virtual date ideas and now feel comfortable for a one-on-one video date! But, you might still feel a little bit nervous about it. We think that asking these 50 date questions to really get to know someone is a great way to enjoy a video date and find things to talk about.

Take time to ask these questions and listen to what your date is telling you. Discover your similarities and differences and all the weird and wonderful things about your date! You will learn so much about your partner this way and allow the romance online to blossom.

Enjoy these virtual dates and find love online!

We love these virtual date ideas for shy people and believe that these are great ways in which you and your date can connect. Online dating is all about having fun, so remember to enjoy yourself!


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