Up Your Dating Profile Game With These 5 Tips

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Online dating is a wonderful tool that allows you to find someone who is right for you. But sometimes you may find yourself stuck in a bit of an online dating rut. Perhaps you aren’t matching with the right kind of people, or not getting any matches at all!

It’s not you… but it could be your dating profile. Online dating is based on first impressions, and therefore it’s super important to make that first impression the best.

Whether you’re new to online dating and want to know how to make a dating profile, or you have been online dating for a while, we have 5 top tips for creating a great profile for you.

It is time to jazz up that dating profile to help you meet like-minded people!

Say cheese - 5 tips for picking the best dating profile pics

When it comes to online dating, pictures are always the first thing you notice. Some people swipe away pretty quickly, and will soon dismiss a profile with a picture that doesn’t immediately catch their attention.

But of course, picking the best pictures for your dating profile can feel pretty confusing! How many do you put up? What kind of pictures should you use? What kind of pictures shouldn’t you use?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are our top 5 tips on picking the best pictures for your dating profile.

1. What pictures should you avoid?

Group of young adults taking a selfie together

When it comes to online dating, there are types of pictures that you should generally try to avoid. You want to look friendly and approachable, and sometimes a picture may not show this part of you!

In order to pick the best pictures, we recommend avoiding:

  • Mirror selfies
  • Pictures with your ex (duh)
  • Exclusively group photos
  • Photos with filters
  • Staged portrait photos
  • Old photos of youPhotos of you and your children (or any children)

Of course, this is just a general guideline. At the end of the day, if you really love a photo of you and feel it shows your personality, just add it! Plus, one picture of you and your friends is okay. But make sure you limit group photos on your profile, nobody wants a game of Guess Who when they are looking at someone’s dating profile!

2. To selfie or not to selfie

Man in a green shirt standing in a desert, taking a selfie

Ah, selfies. Everyone takes them, and they are a great way to show off your beauty and feel good about yourself! But, where do selfies fit in when it comes to online dating?

Selfies are a good way of taking a nice picture for your profile that shows everyone what you look like. But, we recommend keeping selfie pictures to a minimum. One or two selfies are fine, but a whole profile built on selfies may not really express who you are. Plus, there’s a chance you could come across as a little vain.

Interestingly, a study in Sage Journals found that people’s perceptions of attractiveness differed when shown a selfie and a non-selfie picture of someone. People generally thought the person in the picture was less attractive in selfies in contrast to pictures taken by someone else.

3. Show your personality with your pictures

You know the phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, this is definitely true when it comes to dating profiles. Most online dating apps will show you a picture of a potential match before you find out anything about them, so make sure those pictures count!

It is pretty easy to get online dating pictures very wrong. If you are creating your profile in a rush, you may be tempted to take a quick snap of yourself right now or upload one of the tagged photos of you at a club with your mates. But, this may not portray who you really are.

When picking the pictures of you for your dating profile, ask yourself: are these photos showing my personality?

Have a think about what pictures of you really showcase who you are and what you care about. Are you passionate about nature and love to go out hiking? Do you have any snaps of you out in the wild? Perhaps you love to cosplay and always go to comic con dressed as your favorite marvel character. Get the pictures on your dating profile!

Remember, you want to showcase your true self so that you can meet someone who likes you for you.

4. Don’t forget to smile!

Women sitting infront of a couch sad, tilting her head

When creating your online dating profile, select pictures of you smiling. When you are smiling, you are probably having a really good time, right? So have a look for pictures of you living your best life, doing what you love.

Plus, smiling is actually linked to attractiveness! In a 2013 study, researchers asked participants to look at photos and rate someone’s attractiveness. They found that a happy facial expression meant that participants rated the person in the picture more attractive.

5. Mix up the pictures

When wanting to create the best dating profile, you can only put up a select amount of pictures. But, you are also wanting to showcase all the different great things about yourself!

So, we recommend mixing up the types of pictures on your dating profile. Remember how we said earlier that, if you love to hike, put up pictures of yourself out in nature? Of course, this is cool and shows potential matches what kind of person you are. But, don’t make every single picture one of your hiking. People might find that a little repetitive.

People are complex and deep and have so many different parts of their personalities. Having a combination of photos shows off the different sides of you. Pick a range of close-up and full-body pictures, in different environments. This allows your potential matches to get more of an idea of who you are and what you are all about.

#Dating profile tips and tricks

So, you have picked the best pictures for your dating profile. Now it’s time to work on the rest of your profile! When developing #Dating, we wanted personality and positivity at its core. So, let’s look at tips and tricks to create the best #Dating profile to help you find your perfect match.

Improve your photos with the Photo Duel game

Photo Duel is a fun new game on #Dating where you can see profile pictures from people all over the world!

To play, go to the Play page to see two random profile pictures, answer fun questions such as “Who would you like to get coffee with?” or “Whose smile caught your eye?” and decide who wins!

Your own profile photos will also be included in the game so that you can see how much other people love your photos too! Get honest feedback about your profile photos by checking how other people voted on your photos (so you know where to improve to get more matches). Just go to the Play page, then “My stats”.

Want the best chance of winning your duel? Make sure your photos are in line with our guidelines and show you looking friendly and approachable.

Make sure your profile is complete

Women dressed with a orange shirt laying on the floor listening to music relaxed

On #Dating, you are prompted to answer certain questions about yourself. You can fill out info like your height, hair color, living situation, drinking habits, and much more! We recommend including as many as possible on your profile. Of course, you can select ‘prefer not to say’ to any of them. However, answering most of the questions and including them on your profile will allow potential matches to really get to know you.

We include political and religious beliefs in these questions, as we know that it is super important for many people to meet like-minded people who share the same values.

By completing your profile with these questions, you will appear more open and honest to your potential matches. It will also make it easier to find a match that is right for you.

Bonus: The more info you fill out, the more info you’ll see on other people’s profiles!

Think about what hashtags you will use

Our app is all about hashtags. By adding hashtags to your profile, potential matches can really get to know what you are all about!

On #Dating, you have the option to add your relationship goals through the hashtags. We recommend adding one of these hashtags to your profile to make sure you and your matches are on the same page, whether you’re looking for a #long-term-relationship or #friendship.

After adding these hashtags, have a think about what else sums you up. Thankfully, we have loads of hashtags to choose from! Go through the different hashtags in the hobbies and interests sections and find the ones that really showcase your personality.

Take your time

Honestly, we think that one of the biggest mistakes when creating an online dating profile is doing it in a rush. Of course, downloading #Dating is pretty exciting, and you want to get right in there to find matches!

However, people can totally tell when someone hasn’t put that much effort into their profile. Grabbing the first pictures of yourself that you find on your phone and skipping through the prompts is easy enough to do, but it will not attract people that are best suited for you. Remember, online dating is all about first impressions!

Give yourself a decent amount of time to create your online dating profile to decide what pictures to include. Spend time thinking about what hashtags you want to include in your profile. We advise you to work on your dating profile when you are feeling happy and content, as this will be reflected in your bio and pictures.

Follow these simple tips to improve your dating profile and you’ll be making better connections in no time. And here’s our final tip for you: remember to have fun and enjoy the dating journey!

Lou Siday

Lou Siday

Lou Siday is a writer from North East England with a degree in Creative Writing. Having been on her own self-love journey over the last few years, she loves writing about empowerment and wellness! For Lou, communication, honesty, and mutual respect are essential when it comes to dating.


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