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Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Ideas For Couples

couple laughing on a Christmas market

It’s the final countdown, and you’re lucky enough to spend it with your significant other! That’s great, but have you thought about how the two of you are going to spend the last day of the year? Even though the year is ending, this is the time of new beginnings and your chance for a fresh start so celebrate it accordingly! There are some wonderful New Year’s ideas for couples that can help you have a great time creating new memories and remembering old ones. So, even though there are surely a lot of options for a night on the town, consider having a New Year’s Eve date at home, in each other’s arms. You’ll find plenty of things for couples to do right here, and even if you opt for something else, end the date at home and enjoy each other’s company! Here are some ways to spend a special New Year’s Eve with your partner:

1. Dance the night away

Man and woman dancing in the living room
Of course, you could go out and dance the night away, but you can also create your own dance floor at home. Even if you’re planning to stay in on New Year’s Eve, put on your song and sway to the rhythm. Maybe you can’t create an actual dance floor, but you can create a romantic atmosphere in your home. If you’re going to stay in all night, set the mood with scented candles, rose petals, champagne, a table set for a romantic dinner, and a bed set for countless hours of snuggling. You might not think that it has much to do with dancing, but moving to the beats of your hearts in an atmosphere like this will make you forget that you are home and still get you all the benefits of an indoor New Years’ Eve date. You can also plan this date ahead of time and take some dancing lessons to really sweep your partner off their feet.

2. Make resolutions together

New Year’s ideas for couples naturally include making resolutions together. You can talk about the goals you have set for yourself last year and accomplished during this year, and come up with new goals together. These can be things you’ll do separately, but make sure to come up with some goals that you’ll try to achieve together in the New Year. Making plans for the future is one of the best things couples can do on a date. It will strengthen your bond, reassure you of your commitment and give you something to look forward to and work toward together. Maybe there are some bad habits that you could both work on, like quitting smoking together, or there is a place you’d always wanted to go to so you could plan a vacation together.

3. Create a time capsule

Time goes by quickly, and you may wake up 10 years from now trying to remember everything from 10 years ago. Why not give your future self a helping hand right now? Create a time capsule together that you’ll open up in a year, five years, or ten years from now. It can be any date you want just make sure to set it and keep the capsule closed until then. Fill it up with love letters, pictures, newspaper clippings, or anything else that you’d love to see one day when it all becomes a part of the past. Put all these things in a jar, close it tightly, and look forward to opening it one day. You could use an envelope instead and make one for every year you spend together. Once you grow old, you’ll be happy to find that the most precious memories of your time together are still kept safe. It will be like your relationships journal that can take you back whenever you’re in the mood for time traveling.

4. Have a pajama party

Man and woman wearing pyjamas and watching TV together on the bed

So many people dress up for the holiday, but wouldn’t it be awesome to just spend the entire day in your jammies? Get all cozy and spend the night watching your favorite Christmas movies. Make sure to prepare all the beverages and snacks that you’re going to need and simply enjoy the coziness of each other’s company. No one says you have to make a big deal out of a New Year’s Eve date. Nothing bad is going to happen if you fall asleep in each other’s arms even before the countdown. What’s more, you’ll feel like you’ve been together for ages and you no longer need to do all the fancy things. New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be about all that glam. Many people in committed relationships spend it with hot cocoa instead of champagne and pajamas instead of fancy suits and dresses. If you feel like dressing up though, feel free to! Get as fabulous as you can be, even if you’re not going to go anywhere and make a big deal out of New Year’s at home. 

5. Plan a date night for each month

The New Year gives you the possibility to come up with ideas for the entire year that’s ahead of you. So, don’t stop with your New Year’s resolutions; plan 12 dates that you’re going to go on during the upcoming year, one for each month. There’s some sort of a holiday in most months so you could come up with holiday-themed dates. You can look up regular date ideas instead, pick the ones you like best, and promise each other to actually go on those dates. If you’re feeling inspired, you can think of more than 12 dates, or have them all as soon as January starts. Planning your dates is one of the best things for couples to do on New Year’s Eve because it simply gives you even more things to do and look forward to.

6. Take pictures

Man and woman kissing at midnight
Naturally, you are going to take pictures on your New Year’s Eve date, but don’t take just any pictures. Have an actual photoshoot with props and backdrops, and don’t forget to take a picture of the midnight kiss! You can recreate these pictures on every New Year’s Eve date after this one and watch how you and your relationship grow. Don’t spend the entire day at home and head out to find some great spots for incredible pictures that will serve as the memory of this special day for years to come. Maybe you could even make it a challenge to take as many pictures as possible but only one at each location. This gives you a chance to have an amazing time at different locations, whether you’ll roam the streets or attend a few events and it will result in spontaneous yet beautiful photos.

7. Find a great view

If you’re looking for fireworks, you can increase your odds of seeing some on your date if you find a spot with a great view. Maybe you could have a romantic dinner at the top of the building or go to a fancy restaurant with a magnificent view. Ask around to find out where you’ll be able to see the best fireworks or even buy them yourself! Don’t forget that you can also light some New Year’s sparklers! It’s a great backup plan if you miss the fireworks, but if you find a spot with an amazing view, you might not even care if you missed them. After all, the point is to create your own “fireworks” with the incredible chemistry between you! In any case, a great view gives you the possibility to see all the lights at night, and there’s surely going to be a lot of them on New Year’s Eve.

8. Throw a party

Group of friends are playing with confetti
Of course, you may have a party to attend, but why not consider hosting one instead? It doesn’t have to be just the two of you on this special day, and spending it with friends is certainly going to be fun. You could play board games, answer questions about each other, or sing karaoke. Host a dinner party or even a murder mystery dinner party. Food is not as important at a party as drinks are though, so maybe you and your significant other could come up with a signature drink and host a cocktail party! Throwing a party yourself gives you a chance to pick the theme, so it could be anything from a masquerade to a pajama party.

9. Talk about the best memories from 2021

What were the best moments of your year, and what made you laugh the most? Is there something you’d like to relive, and what were your favorite songs and movies from 2021? Sure, it has been a troubling year due to the coronavirus, but you certainly managed to have some good times too. Did you travel somewhere or learn something new? Talk about these things with your partner and rehash the past year before the new one comes. Maybe there are some things that you didn’t do this year but wanted to, so you could make those things your goals for the New Year. Perhaps there are some things that you did but would like to do again. Even if you haven’t had many great memories in 2021, say goodbye to it by remembering the good moments and leaving the bad ones behind you.

10. Go on a mini-vacation

Female skier jumps on the back of her boyfriend
New Year’s ideas for couples include going on a small getaway trip and celebrating the New Year somewhere else. We have a list of great winter vacation spots for couples if you’re looking for ideas! Although, you don’t even have to go far to have a mini-vacation. Booking a room in a local hotel and ordering room service sounds like fun, and it will certainly be romantic. Whether you’ll enjoy some one-on-one time in the hot tub or simply the act of putting the “do not disturb” sign on the doorknob, make sure to plan this ahead of time. While being in a hotel room is one of the best things for couples to do on New Year’s Eve, trying to book a hotel room on New Year’s Eve isn’t such a wise decision, so think ahead for this one.

Most of these New Year’s ideas are meant for indoors, but no one’s stopping you from spending your New Year’s Eve date outside. You could go ice skating, attend an outdoor New Year’s Eve event or simply walk and enjoy the light displays. If you do stay at home though, make fondue, cocktails, cut cheeses, pick wines from the past year, make eggnog, cook a 3-course meal or try any other of our fun winter date ideas! It’s also a good idea to enter 2022 with some money put away because they say that it will help bring you prosperity in the New Year. So, maybe rather than going all out for one day, instead, you could open up a joint savings account and start to save money for a vacation or something else you’d like to do together in 2022. Whatever you do, make sure to celebrate this day together and kiss at midnight!

Happy New Year!


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