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Try These 10 Pandemic-Approved Spring Date Ideas

Couple in love enjoying reading in a park during spring

The Covid pandemic has changed how people live, work, and date. Sometimes change can be hard to accept. But are people dating during Covid? There are dozens of ways to still enjoy life while in the dating and Covid scene.

Although Covid has been around for some time now, some businesses still have restrictions that may affect how you enjoy dating during Covid. From mask mandates to vaccination requirements, these roadblocks can be frustrating. But don’t let these restrictions stop you from dating in the wake of Covid!

Thankfully, there are still many ways to get out and enjoy life with others in your community. Your dating life does not have to suffer because of the ongoing pandemic restrictions.

Try These 10 Pandemic-Approved Spring Date Ideas

1. Visit a local park

Many communities have public parks and green spaces that are open to the public. So, grab a coffee to go and take a stroll outside through a nearby park together.

2. Go on a virtual tour

Popular museums and galleries now have virtual tours online for the public. This alternative helps to keep everyone healthy while still offering local art and culture.

3. Have a picnic

Pack a basket full of finger foods and goodies and head outdoors for a picnic. Don’t forget to bring a blanket to sit on as you enjoy the fresh air.

4. Create something together

For artsy types, hit up your local craft store and grab some supplies to spend the afternoon creating. Paint a picture or mold a sculpture for a fun change.

5. Learn a new card game

There are hundreds of different card games for two people. Find one that you or your partner do not know and expand your knowledge.

6. Go on a hike

Do some research and find some local hiking trails. You and your date can explore the outdoors on a beautiful afternoon together.

7. Cook or bake something new

Find a recipe for a dish or dessert that you and your date would love to try. Gather all the supplies and spend the day making delicious food together.

8. Have a movie marathon

Choose several movies and spend the day eating snacks while on the couch watching movies. Trilogies work terrific for this spring date idea.

9. Go for a drive

It can be refreshing to get out of town, away from the city. Take your date for a drive to a nearby small town, lake, or just explore the countryside.

10. Walk a shelter dog

If neither of you has a pet, you can help out others by volunteering at an animal shelter. Walk some dogs who need the exercise and spend quality time together.


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