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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Top 5 Valentine‘s Day ideas for singles

There is no reason why those who are single on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t have fun. The truth is that being single on Valentine’s Day can actually be more of a blessing than a curse. As a single person, there are tons of things to also celebrate. How about the fact that you have not settled for the wrong person? You have stuck to your guns and stood alone.

While there may be a ton of singles Valentine’s Day memes out there, not all of them are bad. Have fun with being single and find the funny in the situation. There is truly huge merit to being alone on Valentine’s Day. You are not in school and it is not optimal for someone to jump into a relationship simply because Valentine’s Day is around the corner. So well done for NOT doing that.

You are in the ideal position because as a single person on Valentine’s Day there is plenty of adventure to be had. There are certainly many opportunities to meet a special someone, a fling, a date for the night or even your soul mate. You see, people who are already taken on this day will not get to experience the fun and excitement that you do.
While it may look all “perfect” and “romantic” on social media, don’t allow the pictures and captions to fool you. You can be assured that behind closed doors, everything is a bit more “real”. Try to stop buying into the social media facades and learn that:

YOU are actually the lucky one!

Your time will come and there really is someone for everyone. Don’t let another day of the year get you down. Rather have fun with it and have a blast. Here are five incredible singles Valentine’s Day ideas.

1. Attend a singles Valentine’s event

Take advantage of your situation, and have fun with other singles. There are even some great Anti-Valentine’s Day single events. Go and have fun.

2. Go to a psychic for fun

Even if you don’t believe in psychics, this could be fun. Go with some fellow single besties and have readings done. It could get interesting!

3. Visit some new places

Get some buddies together and try some new hangout spots. Go to places you have never been before and you are bound to meet people you have never met before.

4. Volunteer somewhere special

Volunteer at a place that really has meaning for you. This could be an animal place, a shelter or anywhere that is going to tug at your heartstrings and make you happy.

5. Wine and dine with friends

Get a group of your single friends together and treat yourself. Go out for a delicious meal, with drinks. You all deserve it.


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