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Top 5 Stay-At-Home Halloween Date Ideas That Are Frightfully Fun

Couple laughing while snuggled under a blanket drinking coffee

For some reason, autumn is the best season for intimacy. Perhaps it’s the cold weather, or maybe it’s the fun festivities that fill your heart with joy. Whatever it is, autumn is definitely cuffing season and the best time for cute dates and having fun with your match!  

Halloween is coming up and spooky season is the perfect time to get to know your special person a bit better and enjoy life with them. There may be parties and celebrations to go to, but the chilly weather might make you want to stay in. But thankfully, there are so many things to do on Halloween for couples that allow you to stay in and enjoy the scariest night of the year!

Let’s look at five fun, romantic Halloween ideas that ignite intimacy and bring you and your match closer. Which one will you pick this autumn?! 

Pumpkin carving

Woman carving a pumpkin outdoors
When most people think of Halloween, they think of Jack O’Lanterns. The tradition of carving pumpkins originated in Ireland from a myth about a guy called Stingy Jack who invited the devil to have a drink with him. Pretty spooky, right? Making Jack O’Lanterns is a super fun Halloween date idea that means you can stay cozy inside but still celebrate the spooky season. Get a bottle of wine, some snacks, and some carving implements and see who creates the scariest Jack O’Lantern! If you feel that your relationship is strong enough, how about making each other’s pumpkin form and carve your partner’s image into the pumpkin? This could be very funny (or very offensive). Pumpkin carving can be pretty messy, so remember to put down some newspaper first in order to be able to clean up easily after. Oh, and keep the insides of your pumpkin to make some pumpkin pie! 

Scary movie marathon

Couple sitting on the floor and drinking wine while watching a scary movie

Of course, Halloween isn’t Halloween without some scary movies. The list of horror movies that are perfect for a spooky night in is endless, and scary movies are really good for intimacy. Who doesn’t love snuggling up with their partner, hiding under a blanket and hoping that both of you together will be able to take on Freddy Krueger if he appears! 

In need of Halloween movie ideas? Here are some of our favorites:

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Psycho
  • Night of The Living Dead
  • The Silence of The Lambs
  • The Shining 
  • Halloween
  • The Birds
  • Carrie
  • The Ring

Play board games

Two men smiling while playing chess together

There are so many fun things to do on Halloween for couples, and we love the idea of a spooky board game night. There are so many classic board games that you could pick from, but there are also a load of Halloween-themed games perfect for a spooky date night! 

Of course, Clue is the perfect board game for Halloween. A murder, bizarre weapon choices, and a creepy mansion all make this game a whole load of spooky fun! But, there are also so many other board games that are perfect for Halloween that you might have not even heard of before.

We love Betrayal at House on the Hill, which is basically a horror movie in a board game. Also, if you are a fan of the macabre, Gloom is perfect for your Halloween date night.

Whichever board game you go for, we think that this will be a great way of bonding with your match and having a whole lot of fun whilst doing so!

Use an ouija board

Woman using a ouija board
Okay, this spooky date night idea is probably not for everyone. A lot of people don’t want an Ouija board in their home, never mind use one on Halloween! But, for fans of the supernatural, an Ouija board can be really fun. You probably are familiar with the Ouija board, which is said to be able to contact the dead. Spiritualists have used them for years in seances, and a lot of mainstream Christian denominations have condemned the usage of them.  But, if you are open to meeting some old-timey ghosts, using an Ouija board is a pretty fun and spooky thing to do on Halloween for couples!

Read some Creepypasta

Couple reading on a laptop together

Creepypastas are the modern-day spooky stories. They are scary legends and tales that are shared on the internet as a kind of digital folklore. Reddit and other sharing platforms are full of these tales, and the line between real and fake is often blurred. This makes Creepypasta stories even scarier! 

For a Halloween date this year, how about getting the lights off, candles out, and loading up some Creepypasta tales to read out to each other. You can find them on and subreddits dedicated to these spooky tales.

Have spooky fun this fall with these romantic Halloween ideas!

We hope that these ideas for spooky date nights have given you and your match some inspiration for Halloween this year. Staying at home still means that you can have so much fun with your partner and stay cozy in the meantime! How will you spend Halloween this year? 


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