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Top 35 Unique And Romantic Fall Date Ideas

Couple hanging out on the fallen autumn leaves

When the leaves start changing colors and falling off, people tend to get sad that summer is over – but you don’t have to be. Fall is the perfect time to fall in love with each other, either for the first time, or all over again, and you can do that simply by using some of these romantic fall date ideas:

1. Create home décor

Fall home decor
Decorating your home according to the season is not reserved for the winter holidays! Why don’t you both decorate your homes in the spirit of fall? Making home décor yourselves is a great fall date idea for couples. You can simply gather some leaves, chestnuts, acorns, apples, and pumpkins and turn them into a table decoration.

2. Make a pumpkin spice latte

Who doesn’t love a cafe date featuring their favorite autumn drink: The one and only pumpkin spice latte. To switch up this fall date idea, rather than buying a couple of PSLs, make them at home together! There are so many recipes online you can follow or add your own twist on to create a signature drink. This way you’ll have the fun of making it as well as the relaxing time sharing it.

3. Play in the leaves

Romance can be fun and playful, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your inner child alive. Fallen leaves are everywhere, and while we may be tempted to jump in and roll around in them, we usually don’t. But maybe you should give it a go and wrestle in the leaves with your romantic partner. You may feel like you’re the only two people in the world with sparks flying in the air between you.

4. Ride bikes

Couple going on a bike ride together
It sounds so simple, but be honest: when was the last time you used a bike instead of a car, a cab, or public transportation? More importantly, when was the last time you went on a bike ride with your significant other? After all, they say that it’s like riding a bike, so you must remember how to turn those pedals.

5. Sleep in a tent

A camping trip is not only fun in the summer! It can be one of the best romantic fall date ideas. If you can’t go camping, you surely have options to start a bonfire in front of a tent, even if it’s in your backyard. Going somewhere where you’ll be surrounded by nature would be best, but either way, it’s about spending time together. Sleeping huddled in a tent will keep you close to one another, and that spells romance.

6. Go on a carriage ride

Date ideas in the fall usually include enjoying the scenery, and what’s a better way to do that than going on a carriage ride? You’ll immediately feel like royalty; the main characters of a classic love story. Try feeding each other some healthy snacks during the ride to keep your eyes on each other too. While you want to enjoy the beautiful sights around you, you can also grow your bond by simple eye contact. If the carriage ride is not an option for you, going horseback riding is another romantic fall date idea.

7. Have a poetry night

Something about this season reminds us of poetry, and if you’re looking for romance you’ll find it in some of the most beautiful words ever written. Reading or reciting poetry to each other easily turns into one of the best romantic date ideas at home. If you want to make it even more romantic try writing poems to each other! It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at it, your partner will treasure your words forever.

8. Make plans for Halloween

Yes, Halloween is a big part of fall, so you won’t want to neglect to make plans for this holiday. These can include putting up Halloween decorations, throwing a Halloween party (and hunting for the best couple’s costumes), or hosting a scary movie marathon. After all, this is definitely a holiday that requires planning ahead of time if you’re going to have the best Halloween date.

9. Carve a pumpkin

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, carving a pumpkin is simply a must, and for a good reason – it’s fun! Carve pumpkins together and create a spooky but romantic atmosphere by putting candles inside them. Now your pumpkins can light up the same way as you do when you see your partner.

10. Release a sky lantern

Woman releasing a sky lantern
Letting go is important to people, both in the metaphorical and literal sense. So, why don’t you practice the art of letting go by releasing a lantern into the sky and watching it fly away? Wave goodbye to summer and say hello to the newfound spark between the two of you. 

11. Go to the farmers market

Visit the local farmers market and get some seasonal fruits and vegetables! Turn them into a home-cooked meal or a table centerpiece when you get home. This makes for a great fall date idea and will give your home cozy autumn vibes.

12. Have a picnic

Having a picnic can be the perfect alibi for the earlier mentioned rolling in the leaves! In fact, fall is perfect for picnics! Do the whole wicker basket and checkered blanket thing and enjoy your time together.

13. Capture the season with photographs

Whether you’re into photography or not, one of the best date ideas for fall is to snap pictures together. Capture this season in its full glory and treasure the moment forever. If taking a walk sounds boring, whip out your phones to take some pictures! It will help you notice the beauty all around you. Capture the scenic views or unexpected candid moments. This could be a perfect excuse for a picture together too!

14. Bake a pie

Baking a pie can be very romantic when your hands get dirty and intertwined in the dough. If you’re looking for fun date ideas for your boyfriend, baking him a pie is a perfect choice. Just make him do it with you, and you’ll see that he won’t regret it.

15. Take a long drive

Couple sitting in the trunk of their car, pulled over from a road trip

“Where to?” “Just drive…”

Let’s face it, we all want to experience that moment when you drive off into the sunset holding hands with your favorite person. No destination, no idea where you’re headed, just feeling glad that you’re together.

16. Complete a puzzle

A puzzle can turn into a picture that you can frame and hang on the wall to remember your joint effort and the time you’ve spent together! So have a fun date and create a beautiful memory together!

17. Prepare costumes

Back to planning for Halloween, if you’re going to have great costumes you have to start brainstorming before it’s too late! Should you be a famous couple of villains or go as salt and pepper shakers? No one’s stopping you from being anything you want to on Halloween, and that’s the beauty of it. 

18. Ride a train

Taking a train ride is one of the most romantic fall date ideas that doesn’t require much cash or effort since it’s as simple as that. Look through the window and imagine all the beautiful trips you two will take now that you’re together.

19. Read together

Picking up a book during a rainy day sounds like a plan, and when you do it together, it sounds like a cute date at home. You can read the most interesting paragraphs to each other while cuddled up under a warm blanket and enjoying a cup of tea.

20. Plant a tree

Two people planting and watering a small tree outside
The beautiful trees are one of the most recognized features of fall, with the leaves changing colors and slowly falling off. This year, make a contribution to the planet by planting a tree together. You can carve your names on the tree next to yours so you’ll be able to easily find them in the future.

21. Update your wardrobe

Cleaning the closet is a drag, but replacing old clothes with new ones can be a lot of fun! It gives you an excuse to go shopping together. Make it an unforgettable date by picking out clothes for each other and having a mini fashion show.

22. Test out Thanksgiving recipes

If you’ve just started dating, you’ll probably be spending your Thanksgiving apart as you celebrate with your own families. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the holiday fun together! Instead, why not make your own Thanksgiving-inspired romantic date night. Test out new recipes on each other or show off your tried and true dishes. After all, the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, right?

23. Take dance lessons

Taking a dance class together is just going to bring you two closer – both literally and in a higher sense. Dance the night away and see how well you can move in sync.

24. Rent a cabin in the woods

This sounds like the beginning of a horror movie when Halloween is on your mind, but renting a cabin in the woods can be very intimate. Turn it into the romantic getaway trip that you’ve been postponing or never had before.

25. Go to an antique shop

Antiques somehow pair well with fall, and you can come home with a beautiful souvenir of your time together that can stay in your home forever. This is a great fall date idea for couples who like to hold onto keepsakes that remind them of fond memories.

26. Make pottery

Man and woman making pottery together
Not a big fan of antiques? Well, pottery goes well with fall too, so why don’t you take some pottery classes together? This gives you the chance to recreate that “Ghost” moment you’ve probably been dreaming of since that movie came out.

27. Watch scary movies

Let’s face it, if you throw on a classic horror film, there’s a good chance that you, your partner, (or both of you) are going to get scared. That fear should drive you into each other’s arms, bringing you closer together. Isn’t that the whole point of scary movies? Well, maybe not, but it makes for an easy go-to date night.

28. Take a walk in the woods

How many times have you been in the forest during the fall? Experience the beautiful outdoors by taking a romantic stroll in the woods and let mother nature rekindle the passion in your relationship.

29. Get a plant

Maybe you’re not ready to adopt a pet together, let alone have children, but getting a plant is a great choice.

A plant that you take care of together is perfect even for those who have only recently started dating. Try to keep that plant alive inside your home and grow it together.

30. Make candy apples

Did you know that you can make your own candy apples? Apples are the fruit of the fall, and who doesn’t like candy apples? Be warned – things are going to get sticky, but you can turn that into some fun flirting.

31. Try different ciders

Four glasses of cider lined up on a table outside a pub
Wine tasting is nice, but who says you can’t do the same with hard ciders? Ciders are a great drink for fall, and you can have fun trying all the different flavors. This date idea will surely put you in a fun mood for a romantic date.

32. Get sunflowers

Just imagine how beautiful your table’s centerpiece would look with a vase of freshly picked sunflowers…

Now imagine your partner picking out the perfect ones just for you. Guys, don’t forget how happy this small gift can make someone. And girls, don’t think that guys don’t deserve to be surprised with sunflowers as well!

33. Have your own Oktoberfest

Would you prefer a relaxed evening drinking beer instead of all the touchy-feely stuff? While beer might not be the most romantic drink, going to Oktoberfest would be a really fun date for fall. In case you can’t spontaneously book a trip to Munich, why don’t you set up your own Oktoberfest at home? Throw a great party with your favorite beer and enjoy your time together. If you want to make it authentic you can dress in dirndl and lederhosen and drink out of a proper beer stein for some classic Oktoberfest fun!

34. Visit a haunted house

We just can’t ignore Halloween when we talk about fall, and visiting a haunted house is a hit during this season. While spooky things might not sound romantic, they often get couples to jump into each other’s arms, and that certainly is.

35. Remember the old songs

Two women sitting and listening to music together through shared headphones

Embrace the nostalgia that comes with fall by sharing your favorite old songs. There are probably so many that you love but haven’t listened to in ages. Let your partner know what they mean to you, talk about the memories they bring up, and encourage them to do the same with their music.


Extra tip: If you are looking for awesome and stylish fall date outfits, check out our ultimate guide and stand out on every dating activity you plan with your date. 


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