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Too Cute to Spook: 5 Halloween Dating Tips for Singles

Two people dressed in Halloween costumes holding a jack-o-lantern

There is no reason to be spooked if you are single during the Halloween season. While other couples coordinate costumes and plan outings, you can still have a great time riding solo! Meet new people and navigate the dating scene with these 5 Halloween dating tips for singles.

In comparison to other holidays, Halloween is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for singles. Think of how stressful Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be when you’re not already settled down with someone. Without a partner by your side, some holiday events can be pretty daunting. However, this isn’t the case with Halloween!

5 dating tips for singles on Halloween

Halloween date nights can be a fun way to meet new people and enjoy your time out with others. By keeping these Halloween dating tips in mind, you are sure to have a frighteningly good time.

Choosing the right costume for that upcoming party should be at the top of your list. You can really make a statement by putting some thought into your Halloween costume! In addition, these five dating tips for singles can help make your time out enjoyable and stress-free.

1. Avoid costumes with a full mask or headpiece

Woman wearing a large Halloween mask

Some terrific costumes include full masks or enclosed headpieces. Although they are fun, these types are best suited for couples. You do not want to hide away your face or make it difficult to talk to people.

If you must remove a mask or costume head to eat or drink, this can cause problems when wooing a potential suitor. For example, how can you make flirty eyes at a cutie across the room when they can’t see your face?

Remember, if you need to take off your costume to talk or drink, you will have to carry it around all evening. This task will get old quickly since you need both hands for dancing and charming your date.

2. Pick something that you love

If you enjoy anime, choose an outfit of a favorite character. Think of a movie you love and dress as one of the actors. When attending a Halloween party alone, try dressing up as something you love. It may help attract a partner with similar interests and be a great icebreaker. 

This way, you are sure to find those in the crowd of singles who share similar tastes in movies, music, and hobbies. Think of your costume as a pre-screening activity, if you will, to find someone compatible. Who knows, the right partner may notice you across the room and make the first move based on your outfit.

3. Take it easy on the cauldron juice

Three friends drinking at a masquerade party.

While it’s always fun to get out for a good time during Halloween, singles may want to take it easy on the drinks. Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking. But drinking too much could sabotage your chances of really connecting with someone!

Remember to drink responsibly. You want to have a ride home, and you do not want to drink too much that you feel sick and have to cut your fun evening short. Also, it can be hard to track your glasses when you are having a good time. So try to include a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink. This way, you stay hydrated and will be able to have a whole night of fun!

4. Bring candy

Halloween themed cookies and candy spread out on a table.

They say it’s rude to turn up to a party empty-handed. Plus, who doesn’t love a treat on Halloween?! This can help you grab the attention of that special someone at your next Halloween event. Bring along a small bag of goodies to share with partygoers. You can use it as an opportunity to drop a treat into the hands of someone you have your eye on. 

We Bringing candy can be a terrific icebreaker. When you are unsure of approaching someone in a room full of strangers in costume, offer a treat. Remember to relax and be playful. You will find that few people will turn down an impromptu conversation when you offer candy. 

5. Keep an open mind

Not everyone at your next Halloween gathering will be as relaxed and confident as you are. So remember to keep an open mind, and do not pass by that shy person standing at the snack table. They may be unsure of how to approach you.

Take the time to say hello to the singles at the party. Even if you do not find your next potential mate, you may just make some terrific new friends.

Halloween can be nightmarishly fun for singles

Halloween does not have to be a scary time if you are single. This holiday can be ideal to meet someone new and begin a spine-chilling relationship (in the best way). Who knows, with proper planning, your next Halloween event could be the last one you attend single. 


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