These 28 Best Halloween Pick-Up Lines Will Get You All The Treats

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Nothing is as attractive as a good sense of humor, and these Halloween pick-up lines are there to help you get those sparks flying. Whether it’s cheesy, sweet, or a little spicy, that opening line can help break the ice with someone new or rekindle the passion with your existing match! Do you already know some pick-up lines that are perfect for a Halloween date? There’s no rule that you can only use one! Check out this list to find the best Halloween pick-up lines and get some flirty inspiration! If you can personalize some of these pickup lines to relate to your costumes, then even better! But if not, I’m sure your date will appreciate any Spooktober fun. Whether you’re going out together, or just looking for a fun message to send to your match, a themed pick-up line is perfect to get the conversation flowing. Keep reading to find out all the fun ways you could seduce someone on Halloween using nothing but your wit.

1. “You’re not going to get ghosted this Halloween.”

Letting your date know that you’re not interested in ghosting them is a great way to start the night. You don’t need to be dressed as a ghost for your date to get this one!
Person wearing a ghost costume

2. “If you come back to my place this Halloween, I guarantee I’ll make you scream all night… Because we’ll have a horror movie marathon!”

On first dates or first chats on #Dating, you want to be careful that you don’t come on too strong. This option that sounds flirty but is actually just funny makes for one of the best lines.

3. “I couldn’t choose what to be for Halloween, can I be your date?”

Couldn’t decide on a costume this year? Go as your crush’s date! While this may sound a bit cheesy, it’s sure to make your match blush.
Woman smiling and flirting with a guy

4. “Do you happen to be a ghost? Because you’re hauntingly beautiful…”

Is your crush haunting your dreams? Add that too, and use these ghostly pick-up lines that your date will never forget!
 5. “I found a great costume for couples, but I’m missing the other half. Want to complete me?”
Make sure to pick an awesome couple’s costume that you can suggest to your date. It’s hard to say no to such a great idea!
Couple dressed in costume as a skeleton bride and groom

6. “I’m not saying you’re a witch, but you did put a spell on me.”

Don’t you feel like you’re under a spell? Well, it’s Halloween so anything’s possible. Let your date know how you feel with this cute line.

7. “You don’t have to worry about tricks with me, I’m all treats.”

No one likes to be tricked and everyone likes treats, so it’s as simple as that! Be honest and make it known to your date that you don’t have any hidden agendas.

8. “I might be an actual vampire, that’s how badly I want to bite your neck.”

Now, this is not something you want to say to someone you’ve just met, but if your date is comfortable around you – go ahead and spice things up!
Man biting a woman's neck

9. “Have you decided what you’ll be for Halloween? ‘Cause I’d like you to be mine.”

Suggest that your date dresses up as your partner for Halloween, and they might stay “in their costume” long after this holiday!

10. “No Halloween candy is as sweet as you.”

People love compliments, especially when they get them from a potential romantic interest! So, let your date know how sweet they are, and how sweet you can be.

11. “If you’re looking for a ghost costume, I’d love to see you under my sheets”

Visit the local farmers market and get some seasonal fruits and vegetables! Turn them into a home-cooked meal or a table centerpiece when you get home. This makes for a great fall date idea and will give your home cozy autumn vibes.
Person sitting under a sheet as a ghost costume

12. “Your costume looks amazing, but I’d like to see you without it anyway.”

Did it get hot in here? Don’t make your date embarrassed, but if you know that they are into you, go ahead and get a little flirty.

13. “What are you supposed to be? The hottest person in the room?”

Can’t tell what your date is supposed to be based on their costume? Well, use that fact to your advantage and turn it into a great compliment. 

14. “I think I’m turning into a zombie because I really like your brain”

It may sound like a weird compliment but it’s entirely appropriate for Halloween so go for it! After all, your date doesn’t want to be complimented only on their looks.
Two women wearing Halloween makeup talking

15. “The skeleton over there was thinking of asking you on a date, but he doesn’t have the guts, so I’m gonna ask.”

This is actually funny, and if your date doesn’t get it, they might not be right for you anyway!

16. “I’d like to find out what you turn into when midnight comes.”

This is fun for a partner who’s dressed up as Cinderella, referring to their change after midnight. It sure would be nice if you’d get to see your date so late, wouldn’t it?

17. “If you ever feel afraid today, I’ll be here to hold you.”

Isn’t that sweet? Your date is surely going to get a bit scared at some point, after all, it is Halloween.

18. “Your number would be a sweeter treat than candy!”

Sometimes you just have to speak from the heart and see what happens! You may not be knocking on doors asking for candy, but you’re still interested in a treat.
Halloween cookies and candy laid out on a table

19. “Are you supposed to be an angel, or is that just how you look?”

Even the cheesiest pick-up lines work, especially when they come in the form of witty compliments!

20. “I bet you I can make your heart beat faster than seeing a ghost would!”

Ghost pick-up lines are perfect for Halloween dates! A haunted house might make your date’s heart beat faster, but so can you!

21. “Will you be my boo this Halloween?”

Sometimes you just have to go ahead and ask! After all, you’re not going to go on many Halloween dates if you don’t!

22. “Hey pumpkin, let me put a smile on that face!”

There aren’t many pumpkin pick-up lines, but that’s what makes the few that there are so great! Make your date smile with this cute jack-o’lantern joke.
Carving a smile onto a pumpkin

23. “I would like nothing more than asking you out, but I have these butterflies in my stomach… and maggots… and worms…”

Halloween dates can get weird, and so can the best pick-up lines, but that’s what makes them special! Use this one, especially if you go as a zombie!

24. “I would carve your pumpkin anytime!”

Feeling bold? Use this line on your date and see where they go with it!

25. “I might not be a vampire, but I’ll stay up all night long with you.

Halloween pick-up lines are the best when they refer to one of the most popular creatures of the night – vampires. They don’t sleep at night and neither will you if everything goes according to plan!

26. “Baby you don’t need a broom to sweep me off my feet.”

Is your date supposed to be a witch? Then it’s the perfect opportunity for this pick-up line!
Two women dressed as witches sitting together and looking at each other

27. “Your costume looks difficult to get out of, need some help with that?”

Let’s face it, some costumes really are difficult to get out of! It’s very thoughtful of you to offer some help with it…

28. “I’m relieved that we’re not in an actual horror movie. As you know, the pretty girls always die first.”

This is one of the best horror movie pick-up lines that you could use. If your date is a girl, it’s a nice way to sneak in a compliment. And if you are a girl, it’s a great way to get your date to notice you! They’ll love your confidence.
Man whispering in a woman's ear while talking at a party
Use some of these pick-up lines this Halloween and see how they work in real life! Halloween dates are supposed to be a little weird, spooky and funny, so if your date doesn’t get that, that’s their problem! However, you’ll probably at least share a few laughs if you use these pick-up lines, so memorize the ones you like best and put them to action on Halloween! If your date loves this holiday as much as you do, you’ll have a great time!
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