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The Best Winter Date Ideas for Your Zodiac Sign

Multiple maps of star signs laying on a table

Dating in winter can be just as much fun as any other time of the year. Each season brings advantages and unique attributes. Winter can be one of the best times for couples. So, whether you need winter anniversary ideas or new December date ideas, there are many choices.

Fun winter date ideas based on your zodiac sign

The cold months shouldn’t keep you indoors. There are many things to do and explore this season. All you need to worry about is wrapping up warm and you’re ready to have fun!

1. Take a carriage ride with a Taurus

A couple is taking a carriage ride

Taurus signs love to relax and take in the sights and sounds around them. Some larger cities offer horse-drawn carriages for a unique first-date idea. It may be available year-round, but you should remember to try it out this season!

This winter date is the perfect opportunity to snuggle under a cozy blanket together. Let the majestic horses take you through the city streets and local parks. Sip on a mulled wine while your horse-drawn carriage glides through a light display. What could be more romantic than that?

2. Geminis go for a hike

A couple is hiking in the forest

Geminis, the sign of the twins, like to keep moving. Nature can be breathtaking in winter. From crystallized snowflakes to glistening lakes, winter transforms the outdoors. The way the snow and ice totally changes the surroundings is incredible. Explore the hiking trails close to you for a different view of your area.

Remember to wear enough layers and use proper non-slip footwear. Try to take along some water or a thermos of hot chocolate for you both to enjoy along the way. Additionally, you may find that some winter wildlife will come out to say hello on your trails.

3. Take in a theater performance with a Cancer

Man and woman are holding hands in a theater

People born under Cancer are quite intuitive. They are deep thinkers and like to read a room. The holiday season brings theatrical performances specifically for this time of the year.

Are you partial to The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol? There are always some terrific live performances during the winter months. Explore the ballet for the first time with your date. Try listening to an orchestra with your date for a comforting way to spend quality time together.

4. Leos will strap on the skates

Man helps a woman who fell over on ice skates

Leos like to be the center of attention. What better way to draw attention to yourself than gliding around gracefully outside? Ice skating is an activity reserved for those colder winter months. Many cities have indoor ice rinks year-round. But nothing is more special than holding hands while you skate outdoors among the lights.

And don’t worry if you are not a good skater. You and your date can take it slow and glide around the ice together arm in arm. This is a great way to hold your partner close.

5. Go holiday shopping with a Virgo

Woman is holding shopping bags and jumps on her boyfriends back

Virgos have a taste for the finer things in love and often enjoy material possessions. Now, the aim of this fun winter date activity is not to get your date to buy you a gift. Rather, enjoy the shared experience of buying gifts for your friends and family. Your date may even have unique gift ideas you haven’t thought of for those special ones on your list.

Get your holiday shopping done while spending the day together. Explore local markets with handmade gifts and goodies. Maybe buy a sample platter for you both to enjoy later over a drink.

6. Libras enjoy taking in a Christmas display or event

A couple is holding hands in front of ferris wheel during winter

Libras are known to love the company of others. Your city may offer festive light displays, ice sculptures or other holiday-themed events where you can really feel that sense of togetherness and community.

It can be magical walking through the Christmas lights in a park. Be amazed by watching an ice sculpting competition. If it’s a remarkably cold date, finish up with a hot chocolate at a quaint coffee shop. You can even continue the date there.

7. Aries like to try something new

A couple is laughing on the ski slopes

People born under the sign of Aries love adventure and are ambitious and bold. There is something authentic about being vulnerable while learning something new. This activity could open an entire world of conversation for you both.

If you are not the outdoorsy type in the winter, now could be the perfect chance to branch out. Go outside your comfort zone and hit the slopes with skis or a snowboard. This date gives you a completely different way to spend time during the winter. If you are both new to it, take a beginner class and learn this new skill together.

8. Spend time in the snow with a Pisces

A couple is sliding down a hill with a sled

If you know a Pisces, you may know how they struggle between reality and fantasy. Real-life activities can be boring, so they seek out creative things to do. Creative winter activities for couples include some outdoor fun in the snow.

So, bundle up and make a snowman for an afternoon of childhood merriment. Or head to a hill with your toboggan or sled and race each other up and down as you take in the fresh, crisp winter air.

9. Attend a trivia night with a Sagittarius

Friends are playing a knowledge game at home

People born under Sagittarius are always craving knowledge. Taking in a trivia night can be the perfect date for them. Many pubs will host trivia nights. Patrons can compete against each other or virtually with teams across the country. 

So, grab your date and see how much information you both know about trivia questions. Enjoy a couple of appetizers while determining basketball facts or movie quotes.

10. Aquarius will appreciate a drive-in movie

Two women are sitting on the roof of a car during dusk

Aquarius people are deeply in tune with their friends and partners. They prefer spending quality time with loved ones. If you have the chance to take in a drive-in movie this winter, you should.

This fun winter date idea allows for more privacy, and you do not have to worry about the guy in front of you being too tall. Be sure to grab some snacks and hit the road for a nostalgic movie experience.

11. Scorpios will love to explore an art gallery

A couple is admiring a painting in a gallery

If you are dating a Scorpio, they crave deep emotional connection. One way to get in their head and heart is to explore deep, emotive artwork with them. Discuss your views on modern art together or interpret a new gallery showing in the area.

Let them express their favorite pieces and you will see just how connected you can be.

12. Capricorns like to lead in a game of bowling

A couple is playing bowling

Capricorn people like to compete with themselves constantly. They can sometimes be hard to charm. So, getting them in the bowling alley will help them relax with physical activity. Bowling is a great date for anyone looking to stay active even when the temperatures drop.

Everyone loves a friendly challenge of 5 or 10-pin bowling. So, if you are dating a Capricorn, strap on those bowling shoes and give it your best.

Get out and enjoy the season

You can still find a variety of fun date ideas during the winter months. From outdoor activities to out-of-the-ordinary indoor things, there is something for everyone. Of course, you don’t have to be an outdoorsy person to enjoy winter, but it helps!


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