Take This Valentine’s Day Quiz and Find Out What to Write In Your Love Card!

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, showing your special someone how you feel can be nerve-wracking. Are you a new couple and are nervous about coming on too strong? Have you been together for so long that you don’t know how to be romantic anymore? You can relax now because we have all your love letter writing needs covered with this Valentine’s Day quiz.

This quick and easy Valentine’s Day love quiz will help you determine your love style so you can choose the best thing to write in a love card. Whether you like to go to extremes and shower your partner with gifts and affection or prefer a simple token of love, crafting the ideal card is a terrific addition to any Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her.

Grab a pen and paper because after you finish this Valentine’s Day quiz, you will have some great things to put on the card to illustrate how you feel!

Find Out What to Write In Your Love Card!

1. We’re a new couple
2. We are comfortable together
3. It’s like we’re married
4. It’s complicated
5. On-and-off again

1. Dinner and a movie
2. Stay in
3. The theater or opera
4. Hang with friends
5. Something spontaneous

1. You’re great
2. I’m feeling love
3. Let’s be more serious
4. Relationship should stay neutral
5. Feeling obligated to write something

1. John Lennon / Yoko Ono
2. Fred / Wilma Flintstone
3. John F. Kennedy / Jackie Kennedy
4. Ashton Kutcher / Mila Kunis
5. Bonnie / Clyde

1. Fun
2. Secure
3. Dependable
4. Loveable
5. Casual

1. Pizza
2. Pasta
3. Meat and potatoes
4. Seafood
5. Drive-thru and a 6-pack

1. Candle-lit dinner for two
2. Carriage ride in the park
3. Taking in a show
4. Staying home
5. Going to the club and dancing

1. Occasionally
2. Sometimes
3. Often
4. Rarely
5. We barely talk

All 8 questions completed!

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Find Out What to Write In Your Love Card!

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