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Some People Won’t Like You (And That’s Alright)

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Whether you’re looking for a romantic partner, a friend, or simply trying to get along with coworkers or acquaintances, you’re bound to realize that some people won’t like you. Did you say or do something wrong? The truth is, you probably didn’t, and you’ll simply have to accept that not everyone you meet is going to be fond of you. They might not even have a specific reason not to like you. You’ve probably also met someone you practically hated right away, even though they never gave you a reason to dislike them. Well, it happens to the best of us.

When someone dislikes you, sure, it hurts. Your self-esteem could take a bit of a blow, but that doesn’t always have to be the case! Who we like and don’t like has much more to do with usthan those in question. To put it simply, we like people who we feel good around. We tend to be drawn to those who show interest in us, engage in the conversation, and ask us questions. However, you can do everything right, and you still won’t please everyone. There’s not a person in this world who is liked by everyone who knows them… But if that’s not comforting enough, keep reading to learn what you can do when you’re disliked.

1. Consider whether there’s been a misunderstanding

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Someone could easily interpret your behavior as demeaning or hostile even though you had no such intentions. They could even be the only person who has such a bad opinion of you. Some people are liked by most, yet there’s always that one person who doesn’t like them. Of course, you can try correcting their misinterpretation, but they might not want it to be corrected. So, you’ll just have to accept that they don’t like you, even though it’s based on badly interpreted information.

2. Change their mind or apologize

On the other hand, this person might have a justifiable reason not to like you. If you did something to cause this opinion of you, you should address the issue. See if you can apologize and make amends for what you did or said. This only applies when you are aware that what you did was wrong. And you have to be prepared that this person might not change their mind about you.

3. Use it for personal growth

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Perhaps being disliked bothers you because you’re looking to fall in love with a potential romantic partner but those you like don’t seem to like you back. On the other hand, you might be projecting your own insecurities to exaggerate this problem. Either way, there’s something you can learn from being disliked, and you can even use it to your advantage! People who don’t like you might be shining some light on the particular traits that you didn’t like about yourself in the first place. Rather than pursuing their approval, focus on yourself and dedicate your time to personal growth. Fix what you don’t like about yourself, regardless of what other people think.

4. Accept that it might be a simple lack of chemistry

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Whether someone likes you or not is often determined simply by chemistry. After all, the reason might be even simpler – they might have been in a bad mood when they met you, or it could be prejudice. Accept that it might be simple chemistry or something else that you can’t affect and you’ll feel relieved.

5. Consider why being disliked bothers you so much

Before trying to change this person’s mind, think about why you even care so much about what they think about you. Are you linking being liked and happiness? If you are, you definitely shouldn’t because you’ll certainly be unhappy.

6. Find the real you

Maybe what bothers you most about this is that this person knows the real you, and they still don’t like you. Think of it as a chance to reevaluate the core values that you have had for years. Determine which of them you wish to keep regardless of what others will think. Also, think about why this person’s opinion means so much to you. You might be holding them in high regard even though you shouldn’t.

Ultimately, you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea... Big deal, you’ll be someone else’s bottle of champagne!

7. Remember all the people that do like you

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When those who don’t like you walk away and stop blocking the view, you’ll see that there are plenty of those who will like you, including your current or future romantic partner. By chasing off incompatible people you’re getting closer to like-minded folks that will love you for who you are. Put yourself out there and the right person will like you, flaws and all!

8. Accept that not everyone is going to like you

Ultimately, you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea… Big deal, you’ll be someone else’s bottle of champagne! No matter how hard you try and what you do, some people are simply not going to like you. That’s okay because there’ll always be plenty of those who’ll love you! Put yourself out there, and don’t give up just because one person doesn’t appreciate all the amazing things that make you unique.

9. Don’t waste your time on those who aren’t worth it

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Last but definitely not least, know your worth and when to call it quits. You shouldn’t waste your time on those who don’t like you! Wave them goodbye, focus on yourself and think of all those who’d love to be around you. Not everyone is going to like you. And that’s perfectly okay!  There’s no getting around it: each person in this world is going to be liked by some and be disliked by others. Naturally, this can be upsetting when you’re looking to fall in love with the right person and end up being disliked by those you fancy. Still, you can’t let it get to you! Put yourself out there because there are plenty of people who will like you, and one of them might just be the right one! Those who are afraid that rejection means that they’ll never fall in love are most definitely wrong. You’ve got this.


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