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Slow Dating: What Is It and What Are the Benefits?

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Over the past year or so, certain aspects of life slowed down. The pandemic has meant that things we used to take for granted became difficult to access and new ways of living emerged. A huge change over the course of the pandemic is how we date. Regardless of where we are in the world, restrictions and lockdowns and general concerns for safety mean that our love lives were majorly impacted. 

But, can there be some good coming out of this new way of living? Enter, slow dating!

What is slow dating?

Slow dating is exactly that. Dating, but slow. It’s when two people spend time getting to know each other before taking the relationship to the next level, whether that’s through virtual dating, texts, phone calls, or walking in the park talking. A big part of slow dating is forming a connection with words rather than physical actions. With slow dating, you take time to think about the person you are matching with on a dating app and don’t just mindlessly swipe away. 

Of course, most people began this form of dating during the pandemic because there was really no other option. But as lockdowns and restrictions are removed, many daters have realized that slow dating is actually super helpful in order to connect with someone that they actually like. Over the last ten years, dating apps have placed instant attraction over emotional needs and personal growth. Of course, physical attraction is important, but we at #Dating know that there are so many other things that make dating fun!

What are the benefits of slow dating?

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There are many reasons why slow dating can be helpful if you’re trying to create a healthy relationship.

Promotes deeper connections

Firstly, it means you get to know a person on a much deeper level. It takes away the fast-paced swiping, liking, hook-up culture that many of us know so well. Of course, this can be very fun, but when it comes to finding a meaningful match, slow dating means you can learn about your date without taking things to the next level straight away. 

Emotional needs are just as important as sexual needs in a relationship, and slow dating means that you can actually learn if this person is right for you emotionally. Taking time to talk to your date before meeting up or getting physical means that you can form a deeper connection, allowing a healthy relationship to flourish.

Boosts confidence

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Sometimes dating apps can be pretty exhausting and they can really begin to impact your confidence. Continuously swiping and chatting with more and more people can make you feel as if you are getting judged solely on your appearance and nothing else.

With slow dating, your potential date will get to know the real you. They’ll learn about all your amazing traits and your cool personality, allowing the attraction to grow.

Going on date after date with people you haven’t talked to that much can knock your confidence. Everybody has had that awful moment when they meet their dating app match at a bar and realize they have absolutely nothing in common! Half an hour of dry conversation and trying to work out how you can make your excuses to leave can be a bit sad, right?

Slow dating boosts confidence because you know about your date before actually meeting them. Plus, when you finally take things to the next level, you know that they actually like you, and are not just going off of physical attraction.

Allows for more successful relationships

Slow dating can actually save you time when finding the perfect healthy relationship for you. By getting to know people and their emotional needs, you can form a strong bond with them. Building a relationship on more than just physical attraction means that you are able to see a future with them and learn if they are right for you.

Slow dating is also great for personal growth as it means that you will soon learn what you actually want from a relationship. This, in turn, allows you to maintain a successful relationship.

How slow is too slow for dating?

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When it comes to slow dating, the speed that you are dating really depends on your own personal needs. You may feel comfortable talking to a person online for a few weeks, but soon you might think that you need to meet up in person to really find out if the attraction is there IRL.

Let’s be real, sex is also an important part of a relationship and finding out if you are sexually compatible is necessary. Sometimes, if dating is too slow, it can lead to a lot of disappointment… Whether or not you want to explore if you’re sexually compatible before getting emotionally invested through slow dating is completely up to you! Whatever you decide, be sure to explore the connection at your own pace and have fun!

Is slow dating right for me?

Slow dating is not for everyone and it really depends on what you are looking for in the dating world. If physical attraction and sexual connections are important to you, slow dating might be hard! However, it could be the change that you need in order to find a deeper connection and a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Good luck!


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