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Romantic Christmas Date Ideas for Couples

Couple sitting together at a table wearing santa hats and snuggling

Whether you’ve only recently started dating or are already in a committed relationship, spending Christmas together could strengthen your bond. After all, you are supposed to spend this magical time of the year with someone dear to you. Don’t worry if you can’t spend the actual day together, you can have a Christmas date anytime during the holiday season. Make a decision to celebrate the holidays together and grow as a couple! Get into the holiday spirit with your loved one and use some of the following Christmas date ideas for couples to properly celebrate this holiday and have a wonderful time in each other’s arms.

1. Wear matching Christmas sweaters

Two people posing in Christmas jumpers and and decorative glasses

We all know those ugly Christmas sweaters that we somehow still love despite how awkward they look. The thing about them is that they’re only ugly when you’re not happy wearing them. When you and your special someone both get into the holiday spirit and think it’s fun to dress in ugly holiday sweaters, they look kind of awesome. They help you fully enjoy the holiday together and act like the kind of family you see on TV. Whether you’re a fan of Christmas or not, have fun this year by letting yourself get as jolly as possible. Put on those colorful Christmas sweaters, snap some pictures, and cuddle up together with a hot cup of cocoa. If you don’t already have them, go to a thrift shop and search for them together! You could even purposefully buy the ugliest sweaters you could find and dare each other to spend the entire day wearing them!

2. Pick a Christmas tree together

Couple carrying a tree to take home

If you haven’t already picked a Christmas tree you can turn this task into a Christmas date and choose the most beautiful tree together. Visit a farm near you and enjoy the smell of pine in the cold air. Getting a Christmas tree together can be very romantic, and after you pick it out, you might as well decorate it together too! Maybe you could even exchange ornaments and tell stories about them. Do you still have that popsicle stick ornament you made in the first grade that your mom has held on to all this time? Or that beautiful glass ornament that you brought home from a Christmas market in Brussels? Decorating a tree together can probably bring up so many fond memories and sharing them will help build a deeper connection between you two.

If you don’t live together, perhaps you could pick out and decorate two Christmas trees! You could even decorate each other’s tree without the other one looking and turn it into a game. The person whose tree is better decorated could be the person who hosts the Christmas dinner! Don’t forget that there should be some presents under that tree at some point, so buy each other gifts as the final decorations.

3. Make Christmas ornaments and decorations

Handmade Christmas tree ornaments

When you decorate the tree, consider making your own ornaments. This is one of the fun and romantic Christmas date ideas that will leave you with a souvenir so that you could always remember this day. The Christmas tree is not the only thing that needs to be decorated, so get your home or homes into the holiday spirit too. You can look up fun Christmas décor ideas online, run to the crafts store together and make your own decorations! Make your home Santa-friendly and put those lights out so that Santa can find you. If there’s snow in your area, you could even make a snowman together and put out the old sleds as a decoration in the front yard.

4. Do the Christmas shopping together

Two people walking around an outdoor Christmas market carrying shopping bags

You’re probably going to need to do a lot of shopping before Christmas, and so will your date or partner. So, why not turn these errands into one of the romantic holiday dates that could help you learn more about each other? When you browse the stores, you’ll get a better sense of what your date likes, and involving them in picking out gifts for your family will make them feel part of it. Maybe they’ll give you great gift ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of! At the very least they can help carry in the holiday shopping and groceries for a Christmas dinner! In the process, you’ll both learn more about each other’s family and taste in things. Errands can be fun when you do them together, and you can even buy each other something as a little thank you for the help. Don’t let it end once you’re done shopping because wrapping presents and preparing dinner together could be a great Christmas date night.

5. Donate your old things to charity

A box with a teddy bear, blanket and jars of food ready to be packed up and donated

Christmas is a time to think about others, which is why a lot of people volunteer or make donations during the holiday season, so why don’t you and your partner join them? You could volunteer at the animal shelter or the soup kitchen and make this Christmas date all about helping others and being grateful for what you have. If you don’t have time to volunteer you can always help out by donating canned goods or old items of yours to charity. Maybe you have some clothes you no longer wear or toys you don’t need anymore, and someone else could give them a purpose again. This is one of the best Christmas date ideas for couples because it lets you give back and get to know each other a little better. Surely there’s a story behind all those things that you’re going to give away and it will be such a fun and productive date to go through them together. In addition, you’ll make someone in need happy, so what could be more rewarding? Grow your love for each other and share it with those who will appreciate your kindness.

6. Prepare a festive Christmas dinner together

A couple setting the table for dinner

Romantic Christmas date ideas include preparing a festive Christmas dinner together! Getting messy in the kitchen can be fun, and it will give you a chance to have a romantic date night at home instead of dining out. Going to a restaurant during the Christmas holidays is also a nice idea though because most places will be decorated beautifully according to the season. So, if you’re not such a great cook or simply don’t feel like cooking, head to your favorite local restaurant instead. They will most likely have some lovely decorations and delicious holiday specials. This doesn’t save you spending time in the kitchen, though, because you could still bake cookies together or decorate a gingerbread house! Your home will smell great, you’ll have cookies for Santa and a tasty treat that you can share with your friends or family.

7. Take a walk to see Christmas lights

A couple walking around outside looking at Christmas lights and decorations

Like most others, your neighborhood is probably going to light up during the holiday season so enjoy the show! Take a walk and watch the Christmas lights display in your neighborhood, but don’t stop there. Visit other neighborhoods and see which street does it best. You can do this before decorating your place to get inspired and maybe even steal some ideas! If you don’t feel like taking a walk, you could even go for a slow drive and enjoy the view through the window. It would be a pity to miss out on the jolly sight of colorful Christmas lights, especially during nighttime. It creates a magical, intimate atmosphere which is the perfect opportunity for a romantic kiss.

8. Have a Christmas photoshoot

A couple taking a selfie on Christmas morning holding up a present

All those decorations that are going to be everywhere you look during the holidays give you the perfect opportunity to take amazing pictures with your partner. Take silly and adorably spontaneous pictures, but don’t be afraid to get sexy and show off your modeling skills either. You can use these photos for Christmas cards, post them on social media or simply put them in frames and keep them on your shelf. Romantic Christmas date ideas give endless possibilities for amazing photographs that you can’t take any other time of the year. Of course, you could hire a photographer or ask a friend to do your photoshoot but you can keep it simple and use a selfie stick or ask a passerby to take your picture.

9. Watch Christmas movies

Couple laying in bed wearing Christmas pajamas and watching a movie on a tablet

When else are you going to watch Christmas movies than on the actual holiday? You either love holiday movies, hate them, or you’ve seen them so many times that you’re bored of them. However you feel about them, most likely you’re still going to watch some every year. Snuggling under a warm blanket with your significant other, enjoying a hot cup of cocoa, and rewatching some of the all-time classics sounds like a plan. There are so many options to choose from; keep it fun with “Home Alone” or “The Grinch”, ignite the romance with “Love Actually”, or opt for an anti-Christmas film like “Bad Santa”. Create a list of movies ahead of time and watch your favorite classics on Christmas. And just because you’ve seen a certain movie, doesn’t mean your date has, so be sure to recommend each other your favorite classics.

10. See a Christmas play or a musical

A red curtain drawn at a theater

Movies are great, but nothing can compare to live-action. Want something that you can’t watch from the comfort of your couch? Spend this Christmas date night at the theatre and enjoy a play or musical. You can surprise your date by taking them to a local theatre where you can see some classic performances such as “The Christmas Carol” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Watching musicals might get you in the mood for singing carols which is also a great Christmas date idea to spread cheer! Or, if you’ve never been to a ballet or symphony, these are also great options! “The Nutcracker” is a classic Christmas ballet and makes for a lovely date night you can’t have any other time of the year!

Whatever you do, use some of these Christmas date ideas for couples if you plan to spend this holiday season together. Christmas may be only one day, but you’ll be surrounded by holiday spirit for a while now, so take advantage of it and make the most out of these romantic holiday dates! Your significant other will appreciate sharing this time of the year with you, even if you’ll spend Christmas separately with your own families. If you do spend it together though, make sure to create memories, whether it’s by watching your favorite Christmas movie or taking adorable pictures. Maybe you could even start a tradition and do the same things next Christmas! In any case, have fun together, pick out thoughtful gifts for each other, and have an amazing Christmas date. Don’t forget to kiss under the mistletoe and leave milk and cookies out for Santa!

Merry Christmas!


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