Quiz: Which Historical Female Figure Were You in a Past Life?

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Our history books are filled with incredible, famous, female personalities. For International Women’s Day, why not find out which one you are most similar to! Take this quiz and discover which one of these six historical female figures you could have been in a past life. Whether you’re most like Cleopatra, Jane Austen, Marie Curie or someone else equally as inspirational, all of these historical female figures undoubtedly changed the world!

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Which Historical Female Figure Were You in a Past Life?

1. Life of luxury
2. Journaling your thoughts
3. Stage performances
4. World of fashion
5. Inventing new things
6. Supporting those in need

1. Mentoring others
2. Creating and innovating
3. Laughter and fun
4. Fashion designs
5. Grinding hard daily
6. Helping disadvantaged communities

1. Queen
2. Storyteller
3. Movie addict
4. Fashion guru
5. Brainiac
6. Nurturer

1. Egypt
2. Britain
3. America
4. France
5. Poland
6. India

1. Your bling collection
2. Nostalgic books
3. Your movie boxsets
4. Your designer clothes
5. Old school project
6. Gifts for friends

1. Fox
2. Polar bear
3. Owl
4. Frog
5. Dolphin
6. Dog

All 6 questions completed!

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Which Historical Female Figure Were You in a Past Life?

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