Quiz: Is It Attraction, Desire or Love? Here’s How To Tell

Quiz Is it attraction, desire or love?

First off, what exactly is the difference between attraction, love, and desire? They all might seem like the same thing at times but there’s a huge difference.
Attraction is when you’re interested in someone and you find them attractive physically, emotionally or mentally. Desire is the act of being interested in a person, purely because of a strong sexual desire towards them. And love is an intense feeling of deep affection towards another person.
Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff! Here’s a quiz to find out whether it’s attraction, love or desire!

Quiz: Is It Attraction, Desire or Love? Here’s How To Tell

1. A few months
2. More than a year
3. Feels like forever
4. Just met

1. Absolutely
2. Maybe
3. Nope
4. I don’t think so

1. Invisible
2. Happy
3. Turned on
4. Unwanted

1. Try to comfort me
2. Get annoyed
3. Don't care
4. Try to kiss me

1. Very often
2. Every now and then
3. Only for hookups
4. We've never met

1. Yup, it’s natural
2. No, it feels weird
3. They don’t like it
4. I don’t know

1. Personality
2. Appearance
3. Body
4. Humor

1. Definitely
2. Kind of
3. Can’t say for sure
4. Not really

All 8 questions completed!

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Quiz: Is It Attraction, Desire or Love? Here’s How To Tell

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Nithin Jacob

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