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Quiz: Do You Have More Green or Red Flags?

Do You Have More Green or Red Flags?

You’ve probably told your friends all about your partner’s or date’s red flags… But do you know what red or green flags others see in you? While everyone seems to love talking about red flags, it’s equally as helpful to recognize the green flags when navigating relationships.

Take this quiz to learn more about what vibe you give off to your potential matches and discover if you have more red or green flags when dating…

Quiz: Do You Have More Green or Red Flags?

1. It’s a vital element of any relationship
2. It’s necessary for important topics
3. It’s a struggle but I try every now and again
4. Talking is overrated

1. The more family time, the better
2. I visit every now and again
3. Family is for the holidays only
4. Family is totally overrated

1. Financial security is so important
2. I’m responsible with my money
3. I like to treat myself a little (or a lot)
4. Budgeting? What’s that?!

1. Sure! There’s a lot to learn from it
2. I can have a neutral conversation about it
3. Only if my new partner wants to
4. No way! The past should stay in the past

1. Good friends are so important
2. We catch up a few times a year
3. I can hang with whoever
4. I don’t need friends

1. A normal amount
2. More than I’d like
3. Only when someone contacts me
4. I never check my messages

1. I’m a pro at punctuality
2. I usually arrive on time
3. I’m often running 15 minutes late
4. Oops, I’m late to everything

All 7 questions completed!

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Quiz: Do You Have More Green or Red Flags?

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