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New #Dating Updated Study: How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Date

A couple seated at a table, exchanging a gift and talking about their Christmas date preferences

#Dating, a dating app designed to provide its users with a safe and inviting space that sparks authentic connections through dating, has added a seasonal update to their ‘Decoding Dating’ study released earlier this year, evaluating over 800,000 replies from daters about what the perfect Christmas date entails.

Over the last two years, the study, ‘How to Plan the Perfect Christmas Date’, was carried out at a global level, involving both females and males all over the world. #Dating explored Christmas activities, festive food preferences, and the ideal gifts. With 80% of people preferring Christmas over Halloween, there is a lot of pressure to make the holiday season perfect.

“To better understand the preferences and expectations of our global dating community during the holiday season, we conducted an extensive study. Whatever you decide to do for your next date in the colder months, we’re confident this study will give you tips for trying to navigate your next date this holiday season” explained Michaela Shahbazi.

This study found that Christmas markets rank very high among female daters, with 59% wanting to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a market over a walk in nature. However, 57% of males would prefer one-on-one time away from the lively crowds of a Christmas market, by exploring the outdoors. Whilst one might think of ice skating as an obvious seasonal activity, the study discovered that only 23% of males and 31% of females would choose to hit the ice, with the majority preferring to go out for a drink.

When it comes to festive foods, the study shows that tradition wins around the holidays, as most daters would prefer to keep it traditional without any sudden surprises at the dinner table. Turkey is king as the dish for Christmas dinner, with 70% of daters picking it over fish. 64% of males and 72% of females said that they would instead drink hot chocolate over mulled wine. Plus, 60% of people prefer chocolate over cookies at Christmas.

From the answers, handmade or store-bought gifts are equally preferred among modern daters. Our studies found that over 60% of females were more inclined to want to be spoiled by their date and receive gifts, whereas men showed a slight preference towards gift giving. 72% of females and 76% of males confessed they would prefer to be surprised with a gift vs a structured wish list.

Although the possibilities are endless these days when it comes to how we spend the holidays, and people have more and more access to things such as traveling to exotic destinations, access to same-day delivery, and, trying out different cuisines, the study found that traditional celebrations are the winner for the holiday season. Through the various insights provided by this study, the main conclusions are that daters would prefer to keep it laid-back with the Christmas-themed date, focus on traditional foods and drinks, and show attentiveness with gifts.

About #Dating

The #Dating app was launched in 2019 and since then has been growing its user base to reach 7M+ users worldwide. The app aims to give users the freedom to date how they prefer and to empower all users by creating a safe and open space that celebrates diversity and inspires genuine connections through dating. #Dating allows users to find people who meet their preferences using hashtags and keeps dating a fun and safe experience through a team of experts and sophisticated software that works 24/7 to spot any user behavior that is not aligned with the app’s standards.

#Dating has become one of the premiere dating apps on the market, which allows them to gather rich data that can offer the kind of insights into modern dating that created the ‘Decoding Dating’ study. Over 10 million connections have been found among its 7 million users. With over 100,000 people active every day, there are also over 230,000 conversations happening daily.

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