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New Dating Study: Millions Agree on Top Red Flags

New Dating Study Millions Agree on Top Red Flags

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern dating, identifying potential red flags has become more crucial than ever. In the past it’s been difficult to decode what daters want, but #Dating have done just that. Over 4 million responses poured in from around the world for a recent study conducted by the #Dating app, looking at partner preferences and what they consider the most desirable traits. But when it comes to red flags, the participants had a lot to say too. So what sounds the alarm’s of #Dating users?:

1. A sense of humor is a must:

A highlighted finding from #Dating’s study was that males consider that having no humor is three times worse than not having a job. A sense of humor is not only important when dating. It fosters connection, diffuses tension, and enhances mental well-being.

2. Personal hygiene habits are a close second:

Unsurprisingly, two thirds of responders of both genders voted that bad personal hygiene habits are a deal-breaker.

3. Social skills are key:

A notable put off for both sexes is to share too little on a first date (71% of females and 68.06% of males voted for this) versus sharing too much information. Constant texting during a first date sends the wrong message, literally! #Dating found that daters prefer a more considered and balanced approach to messaging, to then build a genuine connection.

“Though these three top red flags seem obvious and straightforward, more than 4 million replies from our app users tells us all that these continue to be areas for improvement,” said Ruxandra Cobarzan, Brand Manager at #Dating.

“We covered everything from the best first dates ideas to starting a family and everything in between. Our study will equip daters with insights into effective communication, understanding emotional cues, and fostering genuine relationships, leading to healthier and more fulfilling romantic experiences.” #Dating’s Decoding Dating study gathered replies between January 2022 and July 2023. A research sample size of four million respondents is robust and statistically significant enhancing the reliability and generalizability of findings. Now, daters can know exactly what the dating landscape is really like and draw meaningful conclusions with a high degree of confidence from the study.

“This study has been in the works for nearly two years, and we are excited to share the results with hopeful singles across the globe,” said Cobarzan. “To best help our app users, we needed to gain a deeper understanding of the current dating landscape, the perspectives of current singles, and what they need when it comes to finding the right partner.”

Mostly Ds: You might have some red flags

What else did #Dating find out about modern daters?:

  • People are no longer choosing partners because they have the potential to be good parents. Based on the #Dating study 3 out of 5 females prefer a good lover rather than a partner who would be a good parent. 4 out of 5 males agree that being a good lover takes priority.
  • Despite the popular stereotypes about dating app users wanting a quick fix, longer chats and deep relationships are preferred over one-night stands. The #Dating study reveals that nearly 3 out of 5 males and females prefer deep conversations over small talk.

The full Decoding Dating study findings can be viewed here. To schedule an interview about the study, please contact us through our Press Room page. 

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