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Missing Real-Life Date Activities? Here’s How to Turn Them Into Virtual Dates

Woman blowing a kiss over video chat

Depending on where you are in the world, corona regulations or quarantine rules might have you stuck indoors still. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the thrill of a real-life date right from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual dates may not offer the exact same physical experience, but with some creativity and the help of technology, you can get close to that. Here are some virtual date idea variations of usual real-life activities:

1. Going to the movies

Use platforms such as TeleParty to synchronize your playback and chat about what you’re watching. The service also allows streaming from other sites such as Disney+, Hulu, Amazon and HBO. 

For the full movie experience, you can also prepare some nachos or popcorn before!

2. Escape room

In recent years, going to escape rooms as a date has grown increasingly popular among couples. Escape rooms help reveal couples’ compatibility by showing how you two respond to stressors and problems. 

If visiting an Escape Room on a date is your kinda fun, here are some virtual escape rooms you can consider:

If you prefer a more personalized, interactive experience, you can also choose to go for a guided game complete with a game master.

These environments can be quite high-pressure due to the need to solve a puzzle or mystery in a limited time. This could be an equally great challenge for those in long-term relationships and those new to dating. If you have a keen eye for mystery and puzzles, then go ahead!

3. Cafe hopping

Woman video chatting while holding a coffee
If you enjoy cafe hopping and want to bring that experience into a virtual date, order a cold brew (and some pastry) from your cafe of choice through a food delivery service. You can order for your date if they’d like or you could also suggest they order their favorite coffee and snack.  Pipe some soothing lo-fi cafe beats in the background and have a video date as you talk about your favorite blends and your usual coffee go-to’s. If you run out of topics, we have a whole list of 50 date questions to work with.

4. Museum tours

If you enjoy going to the museum on dates, you can replicate that experience on a video date. Several of the world’s best museums have created immersive online experiences, allowing you to feel like you’re walking through their walls. 

Take a stroll at the British Museum, view collections from Paris’ Musée d’Orsay, or visit New York’s famed Guggenheim Museum all in one evening or over a few date nights.

Go at your own pace and most importantly, share your thoughts as you look at these collections and exhibits with your date to build rapport and to get to know them better. It is a date after all!

5. House visits

Woman lying down video chatting on her phone

If you and your date haven’t met in real life and the both of you haven’t been to each other’s places, take them on a walking tour around your crib. 

Aside from showing them where you spend most of your day, do a little show-and-tell segment where the both of you can pull out sentimental items from around the house, such as photos from their fridge door.

Seeing someone’s house is a good way to get to know them better without saying too much. Remember, it’s a date so make sure you clean up your place as much as you would if they were coming over in real life!

6. Game night

If you’re both fun-loving and like a good game or two, has a good variety of two-player games that you can try. 

For a more gamified experience, there are apps such as House Party, or co-op games such as Overcooked and We Were Here.

Some online games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons even allow you to build a virtual date experience, on top of playing the games on their platform. How’s that for romantic?

7. Wine and cheese tasting

Wine and cheese board

Going out to that local restaurant for some vino and cheese might be out of the question, but you can still throw together a wine and cheese virtual date.

Have one person pick out the wine, and you can have a mini-competition to put together a fancy cheese and meat platter to go along with it.

If you want the full experience of having a sommelier talk about wines right in your own homes, you can even sign up for virtual wine tasting experiences.

Before you go on these virtual dates, remember that these are still ultimately virtual experiences.  Without physical activity and touch, you will need to put in a little more effort to show your interest and to establish intimacy.  If you enjoy your date’s company,remember to also inject some fun and flirting into your conversation to make it seem more like a date, and not just a regular Zoom session. You can also tell them more about how you’re feeling to develop greater feelings of emotional intimacy in the absence of physical or sexual intimacy.  Real life may have taken a pause, but your dating life doesn’t have to. If these ideas have given you some inspiration and motivation to go on a virtual date, suggest them to the cutie you’re talking to, and let us know how it goes!


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