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 Is Online Dating Right for You?

Two girlfriends are checking the #Dating app together

The online dating world is a place that is as unique as the people who navigate it every day. It can be as positive or negative as you make it by putting in the energy and effort to meet new people. But it’s undeniable that online dating has changed the way we fall in love and become the most popular way couples meet.

Of course, not everyone will find their true love immediately, but knowing how to use online dating can help you find better matches with less anxiety. So, how can you tell if online dating is right for your situation?

Is Online Dating Right for You?

1. Finding a date yourself
2. Through common acquaintances
3. At work
4. Randomly by chance

1. Dinner and a movie
2. A fun group activity
3. Attending the opera
4. Ziplining or skydiving

1. Talking face-to-face
2. Texting
3. Phone calls
4. Messenger apps

1. Depends on the day
2. 2-3 evenings per week
3. Not much time
4. I’m adaptable

1. If I’m prepared
2. Sometimes
3. Not always
4. Of course

1. No but heard great things
2. Yes, looking for more
3. No
4. Yes, it’s fun

1. Occasionally
2. Sometimes
3. Yes
4. Never

1. Depends
2. Yes
3. Not usually
4. Always

1. Variable
2. Somewhat consistent
3. Stable
4. Comfortable

1. Highly doubtful
2. It’s possible
3. Nope
4. Yes, without a doubt

All 10 questions completed!

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Is Online Dating Right for You?

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