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Infatuation vs Love: 8 Signs of True Love

Two women holding one another closely and looking into each others eyes.

Is it infatuation or is it love? ​Are you in a new relationship and think that this person might be the one? Do you enjoy every moment that you are together, and can’t get enough of each other? Do you think about them all the time, even when they are not around? 

You may think this is love, but this might actually just be an infatuation! Of course, infatuation is fun, but in a healthy, long-term relationship, you are looking for a much deeper connection. True love allows us to form a committed attachment with someone and lets us grow emotionally. 

Discover the difference between infatuation and love, and learn the signs of falling in love! Which of the feelings below are you familiar with?

Infatuation vs. Love

8 Signs of Infatuation

  • You portray a superficial version of yourself.
  • You don’t know this person’s deep desires and wants.
  • Your relationship is mainly physical.
  • You expect perfection within the relationship.
  • You feel a bit obsessed with your partner.
  • You idolize this person.
  • You get anxious about the relationship and where it is going.
  • Your relationship seems to be moving really fast.

8 Signs of True Love

  • You feel as if you can be yourself.
  • You have had deep conversations about life and love.
  • You see this person as a friend, too.
  • You have constructive arguments.
  • You do not completely rely on each other to be happy.
  • You accept your partner’s flaws.
  • You see this person as an important part of your life.
  • Your relationship is moving at a steady and comfortable pace.


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