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How to Wow Your Crush: Our Valentine’s Day Statistics Reveal All

A couple surrounded by presents and hearts, lying on the floor. A heartwarming scene of love and celebration.

When February 14th hits, there’s one word on everybody’s lips: Love! Our daters would also agree as 2/3rds of them are all for celebrating Valentine’s Day. But with Cupid’s arrow ready to aim, what is the best way to wow your crush this time of year and stand out from the crowd? At #Dating, we collected over 300,000 Valentine’s Day statistics by asking our users through our This or That game what daters prefer when celebrating Valentine’s Day.

With This or That, you’ll pick your favorite between two options. Would you prefer to be gifted red roses or anything but flowers? Maybe you’d rather give a massage over getting one yourself? We put some Valentine’s Day-related questions to our daters, and the results will help you capture your crush’s heart when love is in the air!

A couple holding hands at a dinner table, surrounded by wine glasses and roses.

Let’s talk about date ideas. With over 80% of all quizzed daters voting for a romantic date over throwing a party, it’s clear that they’re looking to spend purposeful time together rather than in a group. 68% of males and 71% of females think it’s worse if you share too little on a date rather than too much, so why not use this time to get to know each other better and on a deeper level? This is your chance to form meaningful relationships and connections.

It seems that women value time with just the two of you more, as 51% of our female daters would rather DIY their own spa day at home than at a hotel, whereas 63% of men would much rather head out to the hotel spa. Maybe if you have a special lady in your life you want to impress, they’d prefer to do something more sentimental together – but if you’re looking to go all out with a guy, this could be your time to impress with something lux.

This also relates to some more of our stats, with 58% of our males preferring someone who can massage over cooking, whereas 63% of females would rather their partner have amazing culinary skills. You could definitely use this information to your advantage and offer to cook a nice meal for the woman in your life during your spa evening, and pull out all the stops during your trip to a fancy spa with your handsome guy!

A couple lying in bed surrounded by Valentine hearts, expressing love and romance.

If you do opt to stay at home, our daters certainly don’t see this as the easy way out. In fact, when it comes to the location of a date, well over half of all daters voted to snuggle at home over a date out. To add to this, 71% of men and 78% of women picked to save money over spending it. This Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to splash the cash – your company is more than enough for your crush and you can even stay at home!

Nevertheless, if you did want to take your date out, 60% of men preferred a romantic stroll over a road trip, whereas our ladies are happy with either option. If you’re not into these choices, there are definitely some other unique Valentine’s Day date ideas out there such as rock climbing, dance class, or even painting. Both sexes overwhelmingly voted in favor of a bucket list, with 66% of men and 70% of women stating they’d prefer their date to have a crazy bucket list, than none at all.

Maybe this is your opportunity to do something a little different and push outside your comfort zone! But no matter how creative you feel, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money if you decide to venture somewhere new, just focus on quality time with one another.

A couple sharing a romantic moment, kissing in front of a heart-shaped balloon. Love is in the air.

However, if you want to get your date a gift or a Valentine’s Day card, our daters opted for tradition this time of year, with both men and women preferring to receive flowers over a box of donuts. Plus, we discovered that 65% of males and 70% of females would like a romantic gift over a practical one, so this really is the time to show your lovey-dovey side and embrace those cliches when it comes to acts of love!

What about if this Valentine’s Day, you want to take it to the next stage and tell your crush how you feel? We know it can feel scary, however, we discovered that 86% of males and 80% of females would rather confess their love for someone than do a hundred math problems. Not even the fear of rejection could tempt our daters into math! So once you find that confidence, we suggest you go for it, as 65% of men and 70% of women would love to be swept off their feet rather than make the first move. Maybe it’s scary (but not as scary as math!) but your crush will love the effort and devotion you show them.

A couple gracefully dancing in a cozy living room, expressing their joy and love through movement.

There are many ways you can dazzle your date this Valentine’s Day, however, the biggest thing to remember is that caring acts and quality time together are most important. You don’t have to be flashy and extravagant to catch your crush’s eye – you can even be a little bit cheesy! You could even wow them with your knowledge on the big day with some facts about Valentine’s Day. As long as you are making time for them with caring gestures, whether that’s a night in front of the TV watching romantic movies or picking up their favorite flowers, small but traditional romance seems to win with our daters.

If all else fails and you’re planning a dinner for one this Valentine’s Day, there is still so much you can do to make a great Valentine’s Day for singles. Get your friends together and celebrate the love you have for each other, explore somewhere new and meet new people or even volunteer – it will make you feel just as good as fun with your crush! Whatever you end up doing this February 14th, we’re sure you now feel empowered to impress the people in your life you love the most.


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