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How to Avoid the Dreaded Post-Christmas Breakup

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We all know someone that’s been a victim of a post-Christmas breakup right after the holidays. It isn’t the best situation to be in, especially when everyone around you is jolly and happy with their partners. So, what can you do to avoid the same circumstances?

What You Can Do to Avoid a Post-Christmas Breakup

Relationships are not always easy, unfortunately. There will be times when you and your partner are not seeing eye to eye on topics or may have different needs. Anxiety from the holidays, family pressures and money issues can be significant stressors. These factors may contribute to someone wanting to end a relationship. 

One thing to remember is that everyone will come across hurdles and roadblocks during a relationship. How you and your partner deal with these situations may determine your outcome. Will you remain together as a couple or be spending Christmas alone? Take a look at these simple tips as you navigate the holidays as a couple.

Communication is vital

Having open and constant communication should always be a priority in a relationship. So, it is especially important when the stresses from the holiday season arrive.

Everyone will have their own idea of a perfect holiday. It helps to talk to your partner about what their expectations are. You should also discuss what you want for this special time of year together. Talking things over is key during this time of year. Include subjects like family dinner obligations, gift-giving budgets, and even couples’ time. This way, no one will have disappointments from their partner or feel unheard and ignored.

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Take it easy on the eggnog

Everyone loves to partake in a festive party and have a drink or two with family and friends over the holidays. Unfortunately, when people indulge in drinking more than normal, strange things might start to happen. A miscommunication between a couple can blow up into serious arguments. A partner’s weak inhibitions may get them in trouble with a co-worker at an office party. You can avoid these situations when you take excessive alcohol out of the picture.  

That does not mean that you shouldn’t enjoy a seasonal cocktail during the holidays. One thing to keep in mind is how much you decide to drink while out enjoying a gathering. Try limiting your drinks by only choosing one or two. Also, opt for drinking a full glass of water between each glass of eggnog. Take it slower with the drinks and you may find it can help keep your relationship more stable during this time.

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Pencil in some much-needed downtime

It can be hard to say no to your parents or boss when they invite you to yet another holiday gathering. The Christmas season can be full of events that quickly fill your calendar, which leaves you no time to take a breath. When people are under stress, they may lash out at those close to them, including a romantic partner. 

If you find yourself getting snappy or your partner suddenly has a short fuse, it’s time to stop everything. You do not have to avoid going to those fun holiday parties: if you plan ahead, you can still fit in some downtime with your partner.

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For example, you can leave a party early to head home and watch Hallmark movies. Or try turning off your phones so that no one can disturb you while you enjoy a quiet breakfast together.

Be patient and understanding

Even when trying your best and having open communication, arguments can still happen. Even so, it does not mean that your relationship must end. When you both disagree on something, it is critical that you sit down and talk things out. Be sure you use patience and understanding. 

Try to listen more than talk. You may find that the reason for the fight was a simple misunderstanding. Or it could be because of a situation that you can easily resolve. The holiday season can make everyone more stressed and impulsive. Take a deep breath and approach your partner with patience. This way, you can work things out as soon as they happen rather than letting it sit and fester.

The takeaway

Dating and relationships are not always easy. But with some care and understanding, you and your partner can make it through together. This way you do not have to be another statistic in the dating game.
Using a few of these simple tips can get you and your partner through the holidays unscathed and help you avoid the dreaded post-Christmas breakup.


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