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Here’s Why Autumn Is the Best Season to Date

Guy carrying his girlfriend on his back while walking outside during autumn

Autumn, or fall, is one of those times that people either really love, or really despise. The changing colors and the exciting fall festivals might make this season super special for some, while others might hate the colder nights and the shorter days. However, we think that when it comes to dating, it really doesn’t matter if you love or hate it because autumn is one of the best seasons to be dating!

Okay, you may be thinking that summer is the dating season, and that fall is all about staying in and keeping cozy. Who wants to go out and meet new people when you can watch ‘00s rom-coms under a blanket? But, we are here to change your mind!

Let’s look at why we think that autumn is the best season to date, and why we think you should get out there and enjoy autumn romance!

There are countless fun things to do

Two girls holding up freshly picked pumpkins

No matter where you are in the world, there are always so many great autumn festivals that you can go and enjoy on dates. Because of the colder weather, autumn has always been a time for cheer. Humans don’t like the cold, and therefore do everything they can do to bring happiness and warmth into the autumn season.

Harvest festivals, bonfires, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all occur in autumn and are great autumn date ideas. Watching fireworks and bobbing apples with your potential match sounds super cute to us! Oh, and autumn is the season of good, wholesome food like warming soups and scrumptious pies. Check out the harvest festivals in your area to find the best places to go for some hearty grub. Nothing sparks autumn romance like good food!

Halloween means you can plan film nights, spooky nights out, and ghostly adventures with your date and have so much fun. Plus, who doesn’t think dressing up for Halloween is a little bit exciting?!

The weather is perfect for romance

Two women throwing leaves around outside in the fall

One of the main reasons why dating in autumn is so great is because of the weather. Going for a walk among the falling leaves sparks romance in even the coldest hearts, and nobody can deny the beauty of the autumn season. 

The chill in the air might make you feel hesitant to go out, but once you are out with your date you kind of just want to get cozy with them, right? Autumn is the season for snuggling, and trust us, snuggling is super important for romance. According to one study, couples who regularly snuggle after sex report more relationship and sexual satisfaction. During the warm summer months, we kind of don’t want to snuggle much, even if we really like our partner! Nobody likes a sweaty and uncomfortable snuggle session, right? So, fall is definitely the time for romance!

Oh, and it is not just our relationships that thrive from a proper good snuggle! According to science, snuggling releases chemicals in the brain that eases stress and helps us overcome interpersonal conflict.

Dating makes us feel better

For a lot of people, the autumn months suck. The weather seems to change almost overnight, going from sunny days to cold, grey skies. This can really affect our moods, and there is a scientific basis for this! According to one study, lack of sunshine can affect the production of serotonin in our brains. As serotonin is the chemical that makes us happy, no sunlight can cause our mood to decline. 

It is easy to wallow in our bad moods when the weather is dull and the nights long, but we think that going out there on a date will actually make you feel much better! Socializing is a really important part of being human, and has so many health benefits. Dating in the fall means that we are staying social, and therefore looking after our mental health.

And of course, it is cuffing season!

Couple cuddling on the couch together

You’ve probably heard of cuffing season. It’s the time of year where people begin to couple up or seek out new relationships. It occurs when the months get colder and people just want someone to find their perfect match. This means that there are so many single people out there ready to take you out! 

There are a few different explanations for cuffing season. The cold weather is probably a factor. Who needs to spend money on central heating when you have a person keeping you warm instead?

Plus, the holiday season does sometimes make you feel kind of lonely. Thanksgiving and Christmas means that you will probably spend time with extended family and get those dreaded dating questions. ‘Are you seeing anyone?’ and ‘When are you going to get married?’ are pretty awkward questions for the perpetually single. 

But, whatever the reason for cuffing season, the important thing is that it is real and it means that autumn romance is everywhere!

Find autumn love this year

We really hope that this article has inspired you to get out there and date this fall season. It is the perfect time of year to find the right person for you, and to cozy up, have some fun, and enjoy the beautiful season! If you are looking for more inspiration about date ideas in fall, our guide will help you to plan ahead and have the best dating season of your life. 


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