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Halloween Date Ideas: Top 14 Perfect Halloween Date Nights

Couple painting pumpkins together
It’s that spooky time of the year again, and love is in the air! Well okay, Halloween is no Valentine’s Day, but you can still make the most romantic date ever while celebrating the season. There are plenty of fun Halloween date ideas that could transform this holiday into your all-time favorite (if it isn’t already of course). Just think about it, this is your chance to finally try out couples costume ideas! Now that you’ve gotten to know each other for who you are, get to know each other for who you like to pretend to be this Halloween season! You might discover a side of yourself or your partner that you never knew was there. Whether you’d like to go wild or have a relaxing time at home, you’ll find the right Halloween date idea for you here. From carving pumpkins to acting out a murder mystery, there’s something for everyone. So, here are the best Halloween dates that you can go on!

1. Carve a pumpkin

Carved pumpkins sitting on a table
First and foremost, it wouldn’t be a Halloween season without carving a pumpkin, and this makes for a fun activity that you can do together. Go pumpkin picking, get some candles and some carving tools and get to work! You can make a flirty competition of it to see who’s pumpkin comes out looking the best. Afterward, put in the candles and keep the pumpkins as Halloween decorations to set a spooky but romantic ambiance. If you have extra pumpkin you could cook a meal together or try your hand at baking the classic pumpkin pie. Cooking together is always fun, even if you’re not a 5-star chef, the two of you will have a blast taking on the challenge together.

2. Pick or make your costumes

Two people shopping for costumes in a thrift store
Most importantly, pick your costumes together! You can stick to the basics; vampires, werewolves, and witches, or go for a great couple’s costume like the Joker and Harley Quinn. You can be anything you want, whether or not you decide to go for a couple’s costume is up to you. The fun is in shopping together or even making your own costumes! You’ll also be able to do each other’s make up which can bring you two closer, literally and figuratively. Picking and making your costumes can be fun no matter what, so let your imagination run wild and be whoever you want to be this Halloween season. Some great ideas are any Tim Burton characters: go as Corpse Bride and Victor and enjoy this romantic date as the legendary gothic cartoon couple; or Jack and Sally for some Nightmare before Christmasvibes. If you’re looking for something trendy you can probably get your hands on some green tracksuits for a real-life Squid Game! Or if you’re feeling flirty and adventurous, there are plenty of sexy costumes to keep the attention on you all night long.

3. Decorate your place

House decorated with Halloween decorations
Whether you live together, live alone, or have a room in your family home, it doesn’t matter. You can still decorate your space together to set the tone for a spooky date night. If you’re feeling crafty, there are loads of decorations that you can make which could be really fun to do together. Or if you’d rather go shopping, bring your partner and make a date out of it. Whatever you do, make sure that the space where you’ll spend Halloween is decorated to fully enjoy this holiday. It could also be fun to decorate each other’s spaces and surprise one another! This way you both get to show off your design skills and you’ll think of each other even when you’re at home alone.

4. Do some Halloween-inspired cooking

Couple cooking together
Whether you’re having a chill night in or going out to a party, don’t forget about the food and drinks! There are so many delicious and creative Halloween-themed treats that are fun to make and eat together. Turn boiled eggs into spooky eyes, pigs-in-a-blanket into mummies, or decorate cookies to look like Frankenstein. Pair your snacks with a bloody mary or a witches brew cocktail for a perfect Halloween date night.

5. Throw a party

Three friends dressed up at a Halloween costume party
Once your place is decked out with its new Halloween look, why not invite your friends over for a party? You can still have a romantic date and have an awesome get-together with your friends, so throw a great party that you’ll remember forever. On the other hand, if there are a bunch of Halloween parties or club nights happening and can’t decide where to go, why not go to several and make a Halloween crawl out of it? Changing locations is always fun and makes the date seem longer! Either way, you can have a great time with your friends and save the end of the night for some special one-on-one time with each other. Having both alone time and time with friends makes this one of the best Halloween date ideas.

6. Tell scary stories

How great are the two of you at storytelling? Well, why don’t you find out? Telling scary stories is a Halloween classic that makes for a great spooky date night. If you do it while camping, even if it’s only in your backyard, it will amp up the spookiness. Make your partner jump right into your arms with some creepy tales! Or you can keep things light and funny, trying to tell scary stories can be hilarious, so this is one of the fun Halloween date ideas that will surely make you laugh. Maybe you have a scary ghost story or just a tale of how you’ve been ghosted? The stories can be about anything as long as the two of you have a good time. This is the best Halloween date idea to let your imagination run wild!

7. Watch scary movies

Couple laying in bed watching a scary movie online
Halloween dates and scary movies go hand in hand, and they’re perfect to keep you and your partner close together. Protect them with a hug if they shut their eyes when the creepy soundtrack plays or flinch from a jump scare. Turn up the volume, turn down the lights, and get ready to be spooked with a Halloween movie marathon for couples. You can create a list of movies together ahead of time and get everything ready for when the day comes. Grab your popcorn, pizza, soda, and all the Halloween candy ahead of time. Make sure that everything’s near you so that you don’t even have to get out of bed. If staying in sounds like your perfect date night, go for it! But keep in mind what your date wants as well, they may be expecting more than a movie marathon on Halloween. If that’s the case, why don’t you first go to a Halloween-themed event near you and spend the rest of the night watching movies?

8. Play scary games

Naturally, movies are always the easy date night choice, but don’t forget about games either! There are some terrifying video games that you can play together and get just as spooked as when watching a movie, if not more so. If you don’t have a video gaming system, keep in mind that there are other games that you can try. Look for a Halloween-themed board game, or get creative with some spooky truth or dare questions. If all else fails, remember that anything can be turned into a drinking game! Just try not to drink too much, you’re going to want to have the memory of this wild Halloween date night! 

9. Visit a haunted house

Creepy old haunted mansion
If you’ve never been to a haunted house together, the Halloween season is the perfect time to do it. Don’t you want to know if your partner has fight or flight instincts? If they’ll protect you when you’re scared or if they’d rather run away as fast as they can? Many communities will put on a haunted house for Halloween so look for one closest to you! Or if you’re hoping for the real thing, maybe you can find somewhere that may actually be haunted. Are there any stories and urban legends about spooky occurrences near the place where you live? There could be an abandoned house, an old cemetery, or a creepy old playground. Go check it out if you’re not too scared! Having a picnic at the cemetery may not be for everyone, but if you and your date are up for it then why not? 

10. Give each other presents

A lot of holidays involve presents, so why should Halloween be any different? Turn this day into a romantic date by giving your partner something they can remember you by. You could keep it on the theme and go to a bookstore to buy each other scary novels, or buy one another something weird to keep in your rooms until next Halloween. This is a great idea if you’ve only recently started dating because it doesn’t have to be an intimate present, it can just be something fun that you’ll laugh about. Garage sales and secondhand shops are gold mines for picking out odd gifts your partner likely doesn’t need but will cherish forever.

11. Go trick or treating

Trick or treating is a crucial part of Halloween, but it’s usually reserved for children. So what if you’re two adults with no kids? If you have a nephew or a young cousin you could try to “borrow” them for the evening to trick or treat with. If that’s not an option, what’s the worst thing that could happen if you go knocking on doors together? Yes, people might think you’re weird, but who cares? This is Halloween, relax and let your inner child out. After all, if you do the costumes part right, people who open those doors to you won’t even know who you are!

12. Go to a Halloween themed place

There may be tons of Halloween events happening near you, you just need to look for them! Be sure to check out what your local community is doing. Small businesses may be putting up their own Halloween decorations and seasonal sales, or maybe your normal family restaurant has been turned into a haunted Halloween diner! Local farms will often have a lot of seasonal activities, see if you can find a corn maze to run through or a haunted hayride to hop on. Or, if you live near a Six Flags, their Fright Fest is full of haunted attractions and Halloween fun! 

13. Role-play

Couple dressed up in costume and looking into each other's eyes
Without costumes, Halloween is just another day of the year. Make sure to dress up and get into the character for a bit of role-playing. Try using pickup lines that your character might say and embrace your new identity. If you’re a vampire, your date probably won’t mind if you give them a little bite on their neck. Or if you’re Superman, you can tell them they’re your kryptonite. Try to let loose and resist feeling weird or awkward about it. Halloween is a strange holiday, and it’s the one day of the year that you can be whoever you want to be! Use that opportunity to the fullest.

14. Host a murder mystery dinner

Looking for something more intimate than a party, but still dying to see how your friends rock their costumes? Hosting a murder mystery dinner is a great option! Turn this night into a fun murder investigation, featuring your place as a fictional crime scene and your friends as the suspects. Your costumes don’t have to be about famous movie villains or superheroes either. You can pick a time period in which the murder takes place and dress accordingly. Pour some wine or prosecco (or a scotch on the rocks if that’s what your character would drink!) and you’ll have a classy but spooky night that will keep you entertained. Don’t forget to turn down the lights and scream when the murder happens!

Ultimately, you can use all of these fun Halloween date ideas if you’re feeling up for it, and make this whole month of October full of Halloween spirit. Even if you’re not a big fan of the holiday, you should give one of these Halloween date ideas a try! Don’t let the opportunity for a fun and eccentric date go by unnoticed. You might discover you like it more than you thought! Celebrating a legendary Halloween season is going to show your partner that you’re confident and comfortable enough to get a little freaky around them. And who knows, they might like this side of you so much that they’ll already be looking forward to spending the next Halloween with you! Whatever you do this year could become your tradition, so pick the best Halloween dates and have the time of your life.


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