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Get Back Into Dating With 8 Fun Virtual Date Ideas

Young women with short brown hair is laughing at her laptop screen

It’s 2022 and we’re finally coming out of the pandemic! And with the world opening back up again, you might be feeling nervous about dating again; not everyone is ready to leave the comfort of virtual dates and jump back into IRL dating at full speed. But, just because we’re no longer in lockdown, it doesn’t mean we have to stop going on virtual dates. Here are 8 fun ideas for your next online date!

Have a dinner date

Woman cooking dinner while chatting online

Who says you can’t just have a good old-fashioned dinner date online? You can cook your own food with each other, order from the same restaurant and just try out new food. It’ll feel like a normal date, but better, and all from home. Eat food, get to know each other and just enjoy yourselves.

Play games online

Woman gamer playing games online

Why not add a bit of fun into the mix and have your very own game night.

There are tons of games to choose from, both in real life and online, where you can either play with just the two of you or with a party. It can go anywhere from just a simple card game all the way to full-on roleplay.

You can try out games like Trivia Murder Party 2, Cards against Humanity, Table Topics and Uno. All of which bring out some real fun while also allowing you two to have some quality time.

Watch a movie

Woman lying on the floor in the living room holding popcorn and watching a movie

Ah yes, the good old movie date can’t go wrong with this one. Just start up a Zoom or Facetime call, get yourself some snacks and just sit back, chill and have fun.

Our pick for the best apps and websites to watch movies with friends would be Zoom, Netflix Party and Scener. They offer features like screen sharing, video, audio and chat too so you can watch both watch the movie simultaneously!

Draw together

Artist drawing a ghost in front of the laptop

Unless the both of you are proper artists, having an art date can really bring people out of their comfort zones and be a real icebreaker. Find a picture or tutorial on Google and YouTube, base your drawings on that, compare both of them once you’re done and have a blast.

Go on a virtual tour

Man wearing virtual reality glasses having a virtual tour

Ever wanted to visit the Louvre or The British Museum but never could? Well maybe now’s your chance. Have a virtual tour date and take your date to museums or literally anywhere in the world with Google Maps and Google Arts and Culture.

They come with full 360o view tours of your favorite tourist attractions and museums. To spice it up a bit, dress for the occasion. For example, if you’re touring a museum, wear something fancy.

Just talk

Young woman on an armchair having a video call with a laptop

Do you really just want to get to know the person you’re on a date with, well then just talk to them!

It’s not ideal if you’re a bit shy or have trouble starting a conversation, but if you don’t, then just start up a call, get comfortable and just have a nice chat. It really helps people open up and get closer to each other, and the benefit of it being online is that you could literally talk for hours without having to plan how you’ll get home if you end up talking late into the night!

Take an online class

Online course taken on a well organised office

The pandemic is the perfect excuse to learn a new skill or improve an existing talent.

Websites like MasterClass and Skillshare are fully dedicated to providing online classes for pretty much anything you can think of. It’s going to be even better to learn something together and know that the two of you share a common skill and interest.

Watch a comedy show

Woman is watching a comedy show and laughing in front of the laptop

Laughter is a great way to connect with someone, so why not watch a comedy show together! Ever since the pandemic, it’s become way more common for performers all over the world to offer virtual shows. These are pretty much just like the real thing but with the added bonus of it taking place from the comfort of your home!

Any of these ideas will really help you break the ice and reignite your dating life from the comfort of your home! For even more dating tips, explore our blog and be sure to download the #Dating app to meet like-minded people.


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