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Get Back Into Dating This Hot Vax Summer With 6 Easy Tips

Couple in partner look holding hands while they walk over grass, both have a face mask on as they look at each other

As we’re starting to adjust to this post-covid world, a lot of countries are getting rid of or loosening restrictions. Many single people are looking forward to a hot vax summer. It’s finally time to get back out there, have summer dates, and meet new people!

But, after quite a few years stuck inside, we may feel a bit confused about how to approach 2022’s hot vax summer! So, what are some of our top tips for summer dates, summer fun, and dating again?

1. What speed do you want to date at?

Couple in love boating on a lake

The pandemic has made meeting new people pretty tough, but it also introduced a new style of dating. Slow dating has become pretty popular, with many people choosing to get to know their dates online before meeting them in person.

We probably want a few fun summer dates this year, but we should be aware of how we want to date. This hot vax summer might seem pretty daunting, with pressure from society and yourself to go out and have a summer fling or two! I mean, we have been waiting for this for years now, right?!

But, remember to go at your own speed. If you want to take it slow, chat online to a potential date first to get to know them before you meet in person. This will make you feel more comfortable when you go out on your summer dates!

2. What can you do to make you feel more confident?

Woman with afro hair and piercing laughs with confidence

A few years out of dating will make anyone feel a bit shy! Being stuck inside isolating means that we might feel out of practice and worried about our social skills. You are probably excited about the upcoming hot vax summer, but you might also be pretty anxious.

Have a think about what you can do to boost your confidence. What makes you feel good about yourself? Remember, the coming months aren’t just about summer dates, but also about enjoying the freedom to be yourself and explore new things.

Spend time doing things you enjoy doing, and don’t forget to practice self-care. Feeling your best possible self will help you get back into dating confidently.

3. Do you remember your first ever date?

Couple on a date smiling while walking in the park

Getting back into dating after the pandemic means that we feel as if we are dating for the very first time! All our experiences from before the pandemic feel so long ago, and we might be a bit worried about dating again. Will the person like you? Will you get along? Will there be any awkward silences or embarrassing moments?

So, we think it is helpful to have a think about your actual first date and what it was like. You probably felt the same, with a whole load of worries going through your head! But, what was the date actually like, did it go well? Or, was it a massive fail?

If your first ever date went badly, did it even matter? Are you still glad you went, because it was the start of your dating journey? Remind yourself that dates are just dates, and we are going to have great ones and terrible ones. Might as well stick out a few terrible ones for the good ones, right?!

4. How is your date feeling?

Women in love sit back to back in the middle of a beautiful forest

It is important to remember that you aren’t the only single person who feels a bit rusty when it comes to the dating game. Many of us stopped dating over the pandemic, and this probably includes all your new matches!

If you are feeling nervous, be honest with the person you are planning on going on a date with. They probably feel the same, and you might bond over it!

5. How comfortable do you feel regarding the pandemic?

Dating woman takes off her mask to smile at her boyfriend

The pandemic has made a lot of us feel pretty strongly about boundaries and personal space. This is a pretty positive outcome, as we typically feel much more confident being honest and open with our summer dates about our own safety and wellbeing concerning covid.

As you get back into dating, have a think about what you feel comfortable with. Are you wanting your potential date to be double vaccinated? Are you wanting to meet them in an outdoor place?

Knowing your boundaries when it comes to covid safety and letting your match know can help you relax and enjoy your dates.

6. What do you want from this hot vax summer?

The summer of 2022 is an exciting opportunity for fun summer dates and meeting new people. If you are ready to get back into dating this summer, have a think about what you actually want from it.

The pandemic has given us time to think about who we are and where we want to be. A lot of us have also ruminated over past relationships, what went wrong, and what we would like to do differently.

If you made decisions about your love life during the pandemic, don’t forget these this hot vax summer! The most important thing when dating this summer is doing what you want to do, at your own pace, with people you actually are interested in!


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