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Find Virtual Intimacy Cringy? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

A smiling woman in pajamas lies in bed while video chatting on her laptop

With the rise of social media comes the rise of virtual intimacy. Technology allows us to video call, video date, and even have video sex!

Of course, virtual intimacy isn’t for everyone and a lot of daters might feel a bit embarrassed about it all. But, we want to give you the facts about virtual intimacy and tell you why it is not just super fun but great for your love life and self-confidence, too!

What is virtual intimacy?

Young black woman having video call with her soulmate

Virtual intimacy is exactly what you think it is. Intimacy, but virtual. It doesn’t just mean sex, of course, but sex can be a big part of it. Because of the pandemic, online dating has become the norm, and when it comes to taking the relationship to the next level we need a bit of virtual romance!

According to a recent study, half of young adults think that one-night stands will soon be a thing of the past, with virtual intimacy and online sex becoming the most common way of getting our needs met. Virtual intimacy includes sexting, sharing photos, video sex, and online roleplay. It allows you and your partner to explore each other without being in the same room.

Does this make you feel a bit awkward? Getting down and dirty with someone over your mobile phone or laptop camera? Or perhaps even the more mushy virtual dating stuff makes you cringe to the core?

No worries, this is common. But, try to keep your mind open! We think that virtual intimacy can be great for your love life, and we are going to tell you why.

You get the intimacy you need

Woman looking at her mobile phone and smiling

One of the main reasons why virtual intimacy and virtual dates are so great is because they allow us to get what we need. Because the pandemic and lockdown restrictions have made dating just that bit more harder, virtual intimacy means that we can find connections with other people despite any local restrictions that we are facing.

Intimacy and love are important for everyone. We need to connect with others, it’s part of being human! When we are online dating, we can get the intimacy we are craving during this difficult time.

Allows you to get to know your partner safely

Young man laying on his bed and video chatting

If you are dating someone online and do not know when you will be able to meet up, online intimacy can really help you get to know your partner. Romantic and sexual compatibility is super important for a relationship to flourish, and virtual dates allow you to get to know if this person is right for you.

Virtual intimacy doesn’t have to be that ‘dirty’. You can discuss your sexual fantasies and needs over chat with your new partner and this allows you to learn about each other. In the safety of your own home, you are able to form a sexual connection with someone. It also means that you can communicate your likes, dislikes, and boundaries with a person before you actually meet them.

Keeps the romance alive

Man holding a glass of wine and laughing in a video call

Of course, virtual intimacy is not just for new partners. For those of us in relationships with people who we do not live with, this past year or two have been pretty tough! With lockdowns and restrictions, visiting your partner might have been very difficult.

Virtual romance and intimacy with your current partner mean that you can have fun together wherever you are! If you are in a long-distant relationship, virtual intimacy is super helpful for your love life and keeping the romance alive.

Allows you to try new things

Virtual intimacy can be a great way to try new things that you and your partner are interested in in a safe and comfortable environment. If you are interested in a certain kink or a roleplaying game, trying it out with your partner online can allow you to get a feel of it before doing it in person!

Top tips for safe virtual intimacy

Young black woman laughing and chatting online

We are huge fans of virtual intimacy and really think that it can do wonders for your self-confidence, relationships, and love life. But, it is super important to be safe when doing so!

Here are our top tips for safe virtual intimacy:

  • Always ask your partner if they are comfortable with messages and images that you are wanting to send.
  • Take things slow! Because we are not in the same room as the person, knowing their comfort levels can be a bit difficult. Honest and open communication with consent at every stage is key.
  • Only do what you feel comfortable with. Never, ever send images or videos to someone that you are not sure about. If someone keeps bothering you to do something that you do not wish to do, end contact with them immediately.

Let virtual intimacy into your love life!

We hope that this article has helped you learn the benefits that virtual intimacy can have for dating and relationships. You may find it cringy right now, but give it a go! You never know, it may do wonders for your love life!


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