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Decoding Dating: We Analyzed 4 Million Replies On Partner Preferences

Decoding-Dating We Analysed 4 Million Replies On Partner Preferences

#Dating, a dating app that aims to help its users explore a safe and open space that inspires genuine connections through dating, has completed a study by gathering over 4 million responses from their community.

“We at #Dating, where matches mean more, asked our global dating community about their preferences. With over 4 million responses, we discovered insights right from the first date all the way to starting a family,” stated a rep from the team behind the app.

From January 2022 to July 2023, the study, Decoding Dating, was conducted across a global level, with males and females taking part worldwide. The questions covered a range of topics, from preferences on first dates, to what they are looking for from a significant other, family preferences, and the perceived and desired future with their partners.

Amongst the insights gleaned from the study, #Dating found that modern daters prefer a much more laid-back and relaxed experience. For instance, two- thirds of both males and females prefer going to a coffee shop as a first-date experience, and >80% of males and >70% of females prefer a chill and casual dress code to go with the dating experience.

Despite the reputation that dating apps are often providing a quick fix for users, the study also found that a majority of users prefer longer chats and deeper relationships. Both the majority of women (83.24%) and men (67.45) prefer getting to know a person, with 2/3rds of both preferring a date that allows them to get to know their partner on a deeper level. That said, some stereotypes do seem to hold true, with >75% of men feeling comfortable with getting intimate on a first date, while only ~40% of females feel the same.

One of the bigger differences in modern dating compared to traditional stereotypes comes down to the family. Over 75% of both men and women surveyed indicated they would prefer just one child over a big family. Similarly, the majority of both agree that it’s worse if their partner dislikes pets compared to disliking children, as well as that they would rather be in a relationship with a good lover, rather than a good partner.

The study hosts a range of other questions and results, looking deeper into dating habits, motivations, and the trends that are changing over time, as well as which still stick more closely to traditional assumptions.

About #Dating

The #Dating app was launched in 2019 and since then has been growing its user base to reach 7M+ users worldwide. The app aims to give users the freedom to date how they prefer and to empower all users by creating a safe and open space that celebrates diversity and inspires genuine connections through dating. #Dating allows users to find people that meet their preferences using hashtags and keeps dating a fun and safe experience through a team of experts and sophisticated software that works 24/7 to spot any user behavior that is not aligned with our standards.

#Dating has become one of the premiere dating apps on the market, which allows the app to gather rich data that can offer the kind of insights into modern dating that created the “Decoding Dating” study. Over 10 million connections have been found amongst its 7 million users. With over 100,000 people active every day, there are also over 230,000 conversations happening daily.

For more information about #Dating and collaboration please contact us through our Press Room page.


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