Creative Long-Distance Relationship Tips to Ring in the New Year

A couple drinking champagne together over a video call

New Year is the perfect time for couples to get together and celebrate the future. It is an exciting night, and can be very romantic! However, because covid restrictions are still in place in many countries around the world, hopping on a plane to spend the night with your partner might not be feasible.This is pretty disappointing. Long-distance relationships can be challenging anyways, without having to give up celebrating the New Year with your loved one. 

Thankfully, here at #Dating, we know that there are loads of couples around the world who are going to have to celebrate their New Year apart. So, we want to give you some advice, support, and romantic New Year’s Eve ideas when you are miles away from your loved one!

Let’s look at some great things for couples to do on New Year’s Eve when in a long-distance relationship.

Plan your night

Our first tip (and the most important) is that you need to plan your night. If you and your partner are both at parties, there is the risk of missing calls and not managing to get hold of one another. This can suck and really ruin your night!

So, if you are both going to parties, plan beforehand when you are going to speak to each other to celebrate the New Year. If your partner lives in a different time zone, what time are you going to celebrate midnight? Are you going to be on a call or facetime at midnight with each other?

If you are both at home for New Years’ Eve, planning your night means that you can have a fun-filled 31st December, even if you are technically by yourself!

Two people planning something together using their laptops and notebooks

Tips for couples out and about on New Year’s Eve

Okay, so your partner isn’t here for New Year’s. You still want to go out, but you also want to celebrate it with your beloved. So, what do you do?

If your partner is in a different time zone, we love the idea of celebrating New Year at every hour of the night. Plan to have a quick phone call on each hour with your partner and tell them one thing that you love about them. They can tell you one thing they love about you, too! This means that you can enjoy your night out with friends or family, but also have your partner involved in the celebrations.

Woman on a video call while attending a holiday party

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you and your partner can also send each other fun pictures of your night during the evening. Find cute, interesting things to take a snap of and send over to your loved one.

You could also research New Year’s Eve customs from around the world to celebrate both the New Year and the fact that you and your partner are globe-trotters with a love of adventure! This could be linked to the countries where you and your partner are at the moment, or it could be the countries that are currently in between you and your partner.

You could do these things at each hour of the night, too, and match them up with the time zones of the countries (although this might take a bit of extra planning!).

Tips for couples staying in on New Year’s Eve

If you and your partner are both staying in on New Year’s Eve, this can give you both a chance to bond and celebrate while the rest of the world is partying.

Get some snacks and drinks, and have a video call together. A New Years’ Eve date can be extremely fun, even if you are miles apart!

You and your partner could watch a live stream together whilst on the video call. There will be loads of New Year’s Eve celebrations from around the world being streamed online, and some fantastic music and art shows too!

A couple having a date over a video call

A romantic New Year’s Eve idea is to reflect on the year to really come together before the clock strikes midnight. What do you and your partner want from the next year? When will you be able to see each other again, and what will you do together when you are reunited?

A New Year’s long-distance relationship can feel a bit sad, but focusing on the future and the year to come will fill you both with excitement and positivity!

Celebrate the New Year with your loved one

Being in a long-distance relationship and not being able to celebrate big events like New Year’s Eve can be pretty daunting. You may think that the night will just be pretty painful!

However, there are so many great things for couples to do on New Year’s Eve, even if you are living in different countries or states. New Year is a time of celebrating the year that has just passed and looking towards the future. With these helpful tips, you can definitely make NYE special despite the distance between you both!

And remember, you will see your loved one soon!

Lou Siday

Lou Siday

Lou Siday is a writer from North East England with a degree in Creative Writing. Having been on her own self-love journey over the last few years, she loves writing about empowerment and wellness! For Lou, communication, honesty, and mutual respect are essential when it comes to dating.


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