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Couple’s Bucket List Ideas: 10 Romantic Things to Do During Winter

Couple with a dog sitting in a swing in a snowy forest

Summer may give you loads of possibilities for fun dates, but there’s something particularly romantic about the cold winter days when you need love to keep you warm. Cuddling up under a warm blanket and binge-watching your favorite TV shows sounds like a great plan, but it’s not the only thing you can do during the winter season! Make sure to also step outside and out of your comfort zone! You can make the best of this cold season by creating a couple’s bucket list! Don’t wait for the New Year to make different decisions when there’s still time to do something new this year. You and your date could have an amazing time even if it’s freezing outside, and there are plenty of options for indoor fun as well! Spend quality time together by engaging in some of these winter activities for couples: 

1. Get playful and build a snowman

Winter gives you the possibility to remind yourself of the reasons why you loved this season as a kid. While you may shutter away from the cold now, you probably used to love playing outside in the snow. This year, bring back that nostalgia with your significant other. When everything gets covered in a thick, white blanket of snow, use it to build a snowman together! This is a fun winter activity for couples because it lets you work together, wake up your inner child and create beautiful photos! Being playful is a part of dating. So, if you live in an area that’s covered with snow during winter, use that opportunity to feel young again. Make a snowman in your backyard, on the roof of your building, or somewhere that is special to the two of you. Just make sure to bring a scarf and a hat because you’re not the only ones who are going to need them! Put them on your snowman and don’t forget about the carrot for the nose. Afterward, you can go get warm winter drinks and share stories about your childhood!

Snowman wears scarf and hat in a snowy forest

2. Cook together or take a cooking class

Most people prefer to stay in during winter, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Instead of going out for dinner, make dinner together! Cooking together is romantic and gives you a chance to get messy and creative. You can create a winter-themed meal, make a gingerbread house or bake holiday cookies. If you’re not that great at cooking, it can still be fun to try, but consider taking cooking lessons together too! The end of the year is a perfect time to learn a new skill, and learning together is a great way to spend quality time together. Maybe you could even come up with your own recipe between the two of you. If inventing a meal sounds daunting, try creating a new cocktail recipe! Name it after something that has a deeper meaning to the two of you, and it will always remind you of your time together.

Couple laughs and cooks together

3. Go on a romantic weekend getaway trip

Traveling is not reserved for summer, you can have a wonderfully romantic getaway trip during winter too! Snuggling up under a warm blanket in front of a fireplace, taking long walks in nature covered in snow, and playing board games in a warm cottage sounds like fun! Maybe you could even find a cottage with a hot tub and really warm up. Create your own couple’s bucket list for your getaway trip, and try to cross off everything from the list! There are so many fun winter activities to choose from. Maybe you could engage in some winter sports on your short vacation, such as skiing, ice fishing, or ice skating! On the other hand, if you don’t want to rent a cottage and enjoy the winter, you could go to a spa and spend the day indoors getting pampered. If that’s not an option, don’t worry because you can still have a spa day at home!

4. Have a spa day at home

All you need are some fresh towels, face masks, scented candles, essential oils, and bathrobes, and you’re ready for a spa day at home! You could surprise your date by creating a spa basket with all these things and suggesting a relaxing day at home. If you have a bathtub, draw a bubble bath, bring glasses, and pour some champagne. You can also give each other massages and do a mani-pedi! Maybe you can’t go on a weekend getaway trip, but you can turn this into a romantic winter date by spending the entire day in your robes doing nothing else but enjoying each other’s company. You could even practice yoga or try meditation together if you’re looking for another way to relax.

Women are having a face care routine on the couch

5. Play in the snow, make snow angels and start a friendly snowball fight

Building a snowman is only one of the many fun and romantic things you can do on a snow day. Grab your partner to play in the snow, start a snowball fight, and make snow angels! And, no, you are certainly not too old for these playful winter activities. Maybe you can even save one snowball and keep it in the freezer. It will serve as a romantic memory throughout the year until you make a new one next winter. If there’s no snow in your area, don’t worry. Some other great ideas are coming up that you and your date can still tick off your winter bucket list!
Couple is having a snowball fight

6. Have a picnic indoors

Don’t put away your wicker basket just because summer’s over; fill it up with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for a picnic anyway! Sure, maybe eating on the ground isn’t such a good idea when it’s cold outside, but who says you have to go anywhere? You can have a romantic picnic on your living room floor! It might not be the most memorable date you could have, but it switches up your usual dinner plans. Be a little spontaneous and do things differently from time to time to keep the spark alive. This winter activity allows you to get a little creative. For instance, while this picnic can be just the two of you and a box of pizza on the floor, you can create a romantic winter atmosphere indoors. Lay down a blanket, light some candles, decorate with flowers, and pull out the aforementioned wicker basket filled with cheese and wine. Maybe you could even do blindfolded wine tasting during your indoor picnic date!

7. Pretend that the electricity has gone out, and turn off all your devices

You can combine the picnic on the floor with the lights out and a no technology rule, or simply pretend that the electricity went out. There’s no better way to spend quality time together than to put away all your devices and focus solely on one another. When you do so in the dark, it adds to the intimate atmosphere. Just the two of you under the candlelight makes for a romantic winter date, and you’ll certainly think of things to do. Modern technology has many benefits, but it often keeps us distracted. When you turn off the lights, the TV, your phones, and any other devices, you’ll truly enjoy each other’s company with no distractions. Maybe you could have a technology-free day every now and then, not just this winter. This is particularly a good idea if you usually spend most of your time together in front of the TV or looking at your phones. Use this opportunity to really talk, share stories and connect.

A couple is dining in the cantle light

8. Go sledding or ice skating

Turn this into a romantic winter by taking your date sledding or ice skating. There are great couple’s activities that you can’t do any other season, so put them on your winter couple’s bucket list! Whether you go sledding or ice skating, it will give you a chance to squeeze each other tightly, and what could be more romantic than that? It’s a guaranteed way to have an awesome time, and it costs little to nothing! Even if you’re not very coordinated and come off looking silly while ice skating, you and your date are going to share a good laugh and have a nice time. Being clumsy might even bring you closer together like showing vulnerability often does. Sledding down a snowy hill could be even better, so don’t be afraid to get adventurous and act a little childish!

Man and woman are skating on a lake

9. Make hot chocolate, fondue or eggnog

Do you know how many different recipes there are when it comes to hot chocolate? A lot! Find your favorite type of hot chocolate, make it, and enjoy it together to warm yourselves up. You can even add a little Baileys if you’re in the mood for an adult beverage! Don’t forget about the marshmallows and whipped cream to top it off. If hot chocolate isn’t your thing, try making some other winter drinks such as eggnog. Fondue is also a great winter treat, and there are many delicious forms that you can try. You can even make playful rules for when one of you spills something. A kiss sounds like an appropriate punishment for such messiness! Don’t hesitate to feed each other and come up with your own recipes.

10. Get ready for the holidays together

While there’s more to winter than Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve, it’s definitely a holiday season, and this gives you endless possibilities for charming dates. Get ready for the holidays together by buying and making decorations! No snow where you live? You can easily make fake snow by mixing baking soda with shaving foam! It looks like snow, feels like snow, and smells great. Put the fake snow in glasses, add ornaments as a decoration or use small tree branches or pinecones. You could also celebrate the Christmas season by buying each other a special tree ornament, taking a walk to enjoy the light displays, or visiting a Christmas market if there is one near you. Get into the holiday spirit for a fairytale winter romance!

There are so many fun things you can do in the winter as a couple, so use this list as a starting point to create your own bucket list together. Play games, visit a comedy show, go on a carriage ride, read together, have a karaoke night, go to the theatre or have a movie marathon!

Whatever you do, make the most out of this season by coming up with a plan that’s perfect for you. Use some of these ideas, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and try new things. Most importantly, if you’ve been together for a long time, don’t stop dating or spending quality time with each other.


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