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Celebrate International Women’s Day with These Confidence Tips

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Yes, International Women’s Day is just around the corner! On March 8th every year, powerful women all around the world come together to be proud of who they are and honor the strong women who came before. 

We believe the best way to celebrate is with a whole lot of confidence and self-love. However, we know that’s easier said than done! So we’ve compiled our favorite tips for feeling positive and empowered, whether you need it at the office, on a date, or in those moments you have to yourself. 

Confidence is one of the most powerful (and attractive) traits. Who doesn’t want to own every room they walk into?! So, read on to discover our confidence tips for International Women’s Day and beyond!

It All Starts with Self-Love

Loving yourself can be so radical and life-changing. It means that you go out into the world with confidence and power. International Women’s Day is all about self-love and being proud of who you are. 

Empowerment can often mean rejecting what society tells you about yourself. We learn to hate our bodies. We learn that as women, we must be small, quiet, and pretty. But badass women do what they want!

Self-love is all about treating your body as your best friend. When negative attitudes arise, ask yourself, would you say this to a friend? If not, then let go of this thought.

Woman relaxing in bath with book and candles

It can be hard at first to embrace positivity and confidence, but with self-care, you can learn how to love yourself, inside and out. Never underestimate the importance of taking some time for yourself! Here are our favorite ideas for a perfect self-care evening:

  • Take a nice, long soak in a calming bubble bath. Giving your body the attention it needs really can work wonders.
  • Pamper yourself by applying a face mask and curl up with your favorite book.
  • Candles are essential for a cozy evening in! Pick your favorite scent for some relaxing “me time”. You deserve it!

International Women’s Day is about you accepting yourself and embracing being a powerful woman. Every day, wake up and find one thing that you love about yourself. Say it out loud and be proud of it! Celebrate your intelligence, your humor, and your personality. Celebrate your beauty, your strength, and your wisdom. There is so much about you to love. Never forget it! 

Be Your True Self on Dates

We can all fall into the bad habit of trying to be someone else when dating. If you’re single you might have been on a fair few dates, with nothing working out. So you wonder, would pretending to be someone else whilst dating be better?

Of course not. If your date wants someone else, they can go and date someone else!

Couple on coffee date laughing

Pretending to be someone you’re not when dating can make you feel worse and can really affect your confidence. This year, on International Women’s Day, we’re calling everyone around the world to pledge that they will be true to themselves on every date they go on! If your date doesn’t like you for who you are, they are not worthy of your time. 

Respect yourself by simply being you, and always remember how great you are!

Take That Confidence to the Office

According to research conducted by the Harvard Business School, women are more likely to have weak self-confidence in the workplace. Women will often shrug off positive feedback and hold back on giving their opinions and ideas. We know that confidence isn’t only important in dating, but in all aspects of life. The workplace can be stressful if you have low self-esteem and self-doubt. International Women’s Day is a great day to focus on your work life and embrace the powerful woman you are! Try out the following tips:
  1. There’s no denying that if you look good, you feel good. That top that makes you uncomfortable? Replace it with something that works for you! Clothes that fit well can have a huge effect on your confidence!
  2. Being nervous about big presentations is normal! Try practicing your presentation in front of the mirror a few times to gain more confidence and get your nerves under control. You’ll perfect it quicker than you think.
Confident woman at work in office
Another important thing to remember is that your opinions do matter in the workplace. It’s super important to make your voice heard and to celebrate your hard work! A great way of doing this is to start celebrating little wins, like so:
  1. At the end of every working day, pick out something that you have achieved and allow yourself to feel proud about it, no matter how small it was.
  2. Keep a success journal of your “Go me!” moments, so you have a constant reminder of your successes.
This idea of celebrating little wins comes from the Progress Principle, a book by Steven Kramer and Teresa Amabile that promotes positivity in the workplace. Check out their tips for workplace confidence here and learn how to bring your confidence into the office. Embrace empowerment in your workplace!

Strong Women Empower Other Women

International Women’s Day is a day of celebrating all women around the world and throughout history. Badass women support the sisterhood and together we can change the world by spreading empowerment and love.
Group of women laughing and hugging

There are so many amazing women that we should recognize and honor on International Women’s Day, from Emmeline Pankhurst to Amelia Earhart, to Audre Lorde and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Take a moment to reflect on the women who have inspired you to be the person you are today, whether it’s a family member or a historical figure. 

Think about these women and their confidence, and what you can learn from them. So many women have stood up unapologetically to support the sisterhood, knowing that we’re stronger together! 

So, support the women around you and fill them with confidence and empowerment. Tell them that they are strong, that they are beautiful, and that they matter. Look out for your sisters and be there if they need you.

Practice Confidence This International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is for every woman around the world to rise up and celebrate who they are. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin. We want you to find confidence in yourself this year, in dating, the workplace, and wherever you may need it. 

With confidence comes change and empowerment, and together we can stand up across the globe to be happy and proud of who we are.

The incredible writer Maya Angelou once said, “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women”. On this International Women’s Day, we must remember how our actions do not just help us, but every woman. By practicing confidence, we’re allowing powerful women all across the globe to do the same.


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