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Answer These Questions and We’ll Create Your Perfect First Date!

Couple having a romantic picnic on the beach
You’ve agreed to go on a first date! Fantastic! So now the second hardest part – what are you going to do?  There’s a perfect first date for everybody. Take our quiz and we’ll show you yours!

Find Out Your Perfect First Date!

How much do you like them?

I barely know them!
I want to impress
We can hang
Let's find out
They seem chill

Pick a flower:

Red rose
Calla lily
Cactus flower

Pick a guilty pleasure:

Cheese and bruschetta
Garlic bread
Calamari and flatbread

Pick a car:

A refurbished 50s classic
A new concept Tesla
A 70's muscle car
A classic sports car
A VW van

My secret skill is:

Writing great movie reviews
Making my own art
Making people laugh
Making cocktails and recipes
Always winning volleyball

Your worst first date fear is:

Awkward silences
They think you’re weird
It’s stiff and formal
You get stuck there
A stuffy restaurant

How much do you want to dress up?

Nice, but not fancy
Something a little dressy
Totally casual
Something unique and stylish
Ugh, I hate clothes

Be real. Are you high maintenance?

Probably a medium amount
In an intellectual way
Ha! Absolutely not
I require some effort
Nah, I’m laid back

All 8 questions completed!

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Find Out Your Perfect First Date!

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