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81 Online Pick-Up Lines That Aren’t Clichés and Never Fail

Young man and young woman laughing happily as they engage in a conversation on the street

Do you have dating questions about how to strike up a conversation with someone who caught your attention online? It can be challenging for first-time daters (and experienced daters) to start chatting on virtual dating platforms. That’s where a great icebreaker comes in!

Finding a good way to stand out from the crowd is a valuable tool. Online dating requires communication to get the ball rolling with your match. By having some catchy openings prepared, you’ll be ready when you find someone online worth chatting with.

Sure, some pick-up lines might be too cheesy for your match but others can really put a smile on their face and spark a great conversation! So, what’s a good pick-up line to charm your date? These 81 great pick-up lines may be the start of a fabulous connection.

Top 81 online pick-up lines to use

Funny pick-up lines

Young man with glasses telling a joke in a young woman's ear, she laughs

Humor is a great way to grab the attention of that special someone. You’re off to a great start if you can make a love interest laugh. Try one of these hilarious pick-up lines the next time you want to strike up a conversation.

  1. Is it alright if I follow you home? Because I’m excited to finally follow my dreams.
  2. After seeing you, Disneyland is no longer the happiest place on earth.
  3. My teacher told me happiness starts with an H, but now I realize it starts with U.
  4. Excuse me, do you have a temperature? Or are you always this hot?
  5. Pardon me, are you a charger? Because I will die without you.
  6. I could swear you are a broom because you are sweeping me off my feet.
  7. Are you a certified electrician? Because you are lighting up my world right now.

Some clever chat-up lines to try

Using a play on words or puns can get a smile out of that special someone you want a conversation with. If you can make it work, try using one of these actually good pick-up lines.

  1. Do you like Star Wars? Because Yoda one for me!
  2. Are you on Spotify?Because you are this week’s hottest single.
  3. Are you part cat? Because you are purrrfect.
  4. Are you a chicken? Because you are impeccable.
  5. Excuse me, do you work for Google? Because you have everything I am looking for.
  6. Are you an alien? Because there’s no one else in the world like you.

Flirty pick-up lines

Young people dancing outside, they all are laughing or smiling

Being flirty can be a fun method of introducing yourself and pique someone’s interest in just a few seconds. Using flirty lines will get the message across that you feel a connection without being too forward. So, try one of these pick-up lines for flirting online when you want to put the feelers out and see if a potential match is for you.

  1. Am I in a museum? Because I’m looking at a priceless piece of art.
  2. I’m in the mood to try a piece of pizza. A pizza you!
  3. Excuse me, you just dropped something. My jaw.
  4. I didn’t realize what I wanted until I saw you.
  5. If your hand is heavy, I’ll be happy to hold it for you.
  6. I was feeling quite off today. But now you’ve turned me on.
  7. I’m not a certified doctor, but I can tell you are low on Vitamin ME.

Spicy pick-up lines

Sometimes it can help to be a little more forward and use more spicy pick-up lines with an online match. Let’s face it, everybody is looking for different things from dating apps. Don’t hesitate to try turning up the heat a little, especially when you’re sure someone’s on the same page as you! These pick-up lines will get your message across quickly.

  1. Pardon me, can you call the fire department? Because you’ve ignited my deepest desires.
  2. Aside from being extremely hot, what else do you do for a living?
  3. Did you know that kissing can burn six calories a minute? Do you want to go work out together?
  4. Excuse me, can I borrow a kiss from you? I swear that I’ll give it right back.
  5. Hello, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your house tonight?
  6. Are you made of Lucky Charms? Because you’re magically delicious!
  7. What is your favorite silverware piece? Because mine is the spoon.
  8. Do you like going to sales? Because all clothes in my bedroom are 100% off!

Icebreaker pick-up lines to try

Two women and one man talking as they sit around a table, they all look happy and seem to enjoy themselves

Taking the first step to chat with a stranger online can be nerve-wracking. However, when you have some terrific icebreakers ready, you can seem cool and composed to that person that got your attention.

  1. Someone call the police! You’ve gone and stolen my heart.
  2. Are you a photographer? Because each time I see you, I smile.
  3. Besides stealing my heart, what do you like to do in your spare time?
  4. I can see many things in your eyes. The only thing I can’t see is your number.
  5. I didn’t know I had a type until I saw you.
  6. Can I get your name, or should I simply call you mine?
  7. My phone seems to be broken. It doesn’t seem to have your number in it right now.
  8. I think my phone is missing. Can you call it?
  9. Excuse me? Were you talking to me? No? Well, I can start now if you want.
  10. Oh my god, I didn’t think wishing on those birthday candles would work, but here you are.

Best chat-up lines for women

Whilst sitting in a park, a woman tells something to a man sitting in front of her

If you need a way to grab that special lady’s attention, there is no better way than flattery with smooth pick-up lines for her. Subtle compliments can go a long way when meeting someone new for the first time. These female pick-up lines may help you get that first date. But of course, you can try these out with anyone no matter the gender!

  1. Are you a seamstress? Because I heard you were looking for boyfriend material.
  2. You must be an A+ because I want to take you home to show my mom.
  3. My mom told me to find a woman like you. She will be so proud of me for achieving my goal.
  4. Hello, I’m writing a book. It’s a phone book; all I need to finish is your phone number.
  5. You remind me of a parking ticket. Because you are FINE all over.
  6. I’m glad I have life insurance because my heart stopped when I first saw you.
  7. What phone number can I send my good morning text messages to?
  8. I was not very religious until I saw you. The answer to my prayers.
  9. Let me introduce myself. I’m the person whose heart you just stole.
  10. Quick! Call 9-1-1! I’ve fallen for you, and I can’t get up!
  11. “Is your dad a boxer? Because you’re a knockout!”

Cheesy pick-up lines

People who enjoy a corny joke will often find cheesy intros endearing. If you can pull it off smoothly, these one-liners can be a big hit with your special someone.

  1. Am I asleep? Because you are always in my dreams.
  2. Are you a banker? Because you are holding my interest.
  3. You’re so sweet that you’re hurting my teeth just looking at you.
  4. You’re so sweet that I need to make a dentist appointment.
  5. You’re so sweet you would put Willy Wonka out of business.
  6. Were your parents both aliens? Because you look out of this world!
  7. I must have a problem with my eyes. I can’t stop looking at you.
  8. Excuse me, do you have any plans for the rest of your life?
  9. Are you made of glitter? Because you add more sparkle to my life.
  10. Hello, I’m not an organ donor, but I will gladly give you my heart.
  11. I almost forgot; I’ll need your number to text you good night later.
  12. I’m sorry, I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest person alive tonight.
  13. Why are you not on top of the Christmas tree? I thought that’s where stars belong.

Original pick-up lines

Woman and man looking at each other while both sitting in a cafe with a lot of pink decorations

One-liners have been around for centuries as people have always tried to make an impression on a love interest. So, if you can deliver an original pick-up line, you may be in with a chance.

  1. Do you like raisins? How do you feel about a date?
  2. If I were an octopus, every one of my 3 hearts would be yours.
  3. Let me introduce myself. I’m the person whose heart you just stole.
  4. Pardon me, there’s something in your eye. My apologies, it’s just a twinkle.
  5. Even if we lived in a world without gravity, I would still fall for you.
  6. Guess what I’ll be wearing later? The smile you gave me.
  7. You are so gorgeous that I completely forgot my pick-up line.
  8. I have to run out and buy a dictionary. Because after seeing you, I’ve run out of words.
  9. Your beauty blinded me. I will need your name and number for my insurance claim.
  10. You spend so much time in my mind that I should be charging you rent.
  11. I must be a raindrop because I am falling for you.

Pick-up lines to help you stand out

If you’re looking for unique pick-up lines for dating, look no further! Being a bit more original than your competition can really help you catch the right person’s attention!

  1. My lips taste like Skittles. Do you want to taste them?
  2. You’re my lobster!
  3. I’m not into hoarding but I’d love to keep you around forever and ever.
  4. Do you want to play a game? I’ll flip a coin. Heads? You’re mine. Tails? I’m yours.
  5. My friends bet me $50 that I couldn’t get the most gorgeous person on here to talk to me. What should we do with the cash?
  6. Excuse me, are you a doctor? I need someone to mend my heart.
  7. I’d love to be your shoes so I can go everywhere with you.
  8. Sorry, I’m actually taller than this. I’ve just fallen for you.

No one likes to strike out, so steering clear of bad pick-up lines will be your first step in keeping you in the dating game. If you are talking to someone online for the first time, avoid dark or risky pick-up lines that may not go over well. Instead, it’s best to play it neutral and keep the conversation light.

The best part of the online dating game is that if one pick-up line doesn’t do the trick, you can try another! These choices will work for anyone and can help you get noticed. So, start practicing today, and you’ll be ready the next time you want to strike up a conversation.


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