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7 Ways Working Out Together Makes You a Stronger Couple

7 Ways Working Out Together Makes You a Stronger Couple

Working out is usually a solo activity, where you have that uninterrupted me-time amidst your busy schedule, to zone out and sweat it out. Whether it’s pounding the pavement on a run, taking a class, or going to the gym, yes, you might prefer doing these alone.

But you don’t have to.

If you haven’t been spending much quality time with your other half recently, and have been struggling to spend time with them and work out, why not combine the two? If your other half already works out, you can work on syncing your workout schedules and activities of choice.

What about if they don’t already work out or prefer the idea of working out alone? Fret not. We have seven reasons that might change their mind, by showing them that working out together makes you two a stronger couple:

1. You both get feel-good hormones

Couple stretching while practicing yoga at home

Exercise on a whole makes you feel better because it gives you feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Endorphins then trigger a positive feeling in the body and this could help reduce your stress levels, boost your self-esteem, and help you feel less anxious.

After a workout, you both get your endorphins and end the workout feeling happier with yourselves, and hopefully with each other.

2. You feel more attracted to each other

Young couple working out together and kissing

When you exercise, you get sweaty, your heart races and you get breathless. These are also feelings you get when you are attracted to someone.

Studies show that people can mistake this physiological arousal for romantic attraction and find the other party attractive.

So when you work out with each other, your body somehow helps you along the way and helps you see the other person as more attractive. Just so you know, it works the other way round too, so they see you as more attractive too.

3. You have a shared goal, experiences, and accomplishments

Sporty couple competing on a race track

When you work out together, the both of you reach for the same goals – whether it’s making it to the end of class or hitting certain weight or distance targets.

As you set goals, work towards them together, and accomplish them, the shared feeling of meeting these goals together will help you bond.

But more so, because you both met those goals together, you’re able to celebrate each other’s successes. Experts say that demonstrating your appreciation for your other half makes the other person and you feel better. After all, who doesn’t want to feel celebrated?

4. You keep each other accountable

Young attractive couple practicing a yoga workout at home

It may be tempting to cancel your evening workout at the end of a tiring workday. Agreeing to work out with your other half makes you more accountable because canceling the workout also means canceling on them.

You can also show up for them on days they don’t feel like working out. Being there for each other, and showing up for each other will help you both stay motivated even when things get tough.

Also, if they prove themselves dependable enough to show up for a 6 am workout you two have planned, you’ll know you can definitely trust them a little more.

5. You get quality time with each other

Couple running together in nature

If both of you have had difficulty carving out time from your busy schedules, then working out together will allow you to spend time together, especially if both of you already have a regular workout schedule.

We’re not saying that all your dates should be workout sessions, and making time for each other should still be intentional.

But if you are time-starved that week and want to get your workout in still, completing it together still ensures you have that quality time with each other, while clocking in your workout.

6. You are kinder towards each other

Young couple stretching after training in the park
When you work out together the both of you are pushing yourself to your limits in a high-pressure environment. When you’re placed in such a situation, to get through it, you find yourself being kinder to yourself and to each other. Research shows that you’re more likely to get through something difficult with positive self-talk than self-criticism. So, in order to get through a tough workout, you’ll use kinder words towards yourself and inadvertently each other. Through this, you’ll build stronger rapport and a stronger relationship.

7. You get better and stronger, together

Couple in park practicing yoga poses

Working out will make you stronger physically as a couple because you two are setting aside time to work on and improve yourselves.

But beyond that, you’ll have a strong collective sense of achievement that the both of you managed to do it together.

So yes, working out together will make you stronger physically. But it will also make you stronger mentally and emotionally as individuals and as a couple.

Now time to get your partner moving so the both of you can get more loving!


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