7 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

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When it comes to your love life, there is nothing more important than having healthy relationships. You may really fancy someone and have lots of fun together, but if the relationship isn’t healthy, your self-esteem and mental health will ultimately suffer.

Of course, all relationships are different. But, there are some universal signs that you and your romantic partner are stable, healthy, and supportive.

So, what are the seven signs that you are in a healthy relationship?

1. You have independence

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One of the main signs of an unhealthy relationship is when you rely completely on your partner and vice versa. Of course, films and books have always romanticized complete devotion (and neediness), but this just isn’t healthy!

In a relationship, it is really important to be your own separate person. Having your own friendship groups, hobbies, and interests means that you are being your true self. Love is important in life, but it isn’t everything! You need time apart and a life outside of your relationship.

2. You are supported

When it comes to maintaining a healthy relationship, it is important for your romantic partner to support your dreams and goals and for you to support them. Your dreams define who you are and therefore if your partner does not support them, they are not supporting you.

Sometimes your partner might have a goal that you think is a bit… questionable. Remember that episode of Sex and The City when Steve won the contest to take a shot at the next Knick’s game for a prize of $1 million? Yeah, Miranda wasn’t too supportive then, not understanding why Steve was so excited. But, at the end of the episode, she showed up to support him. She realized that even though it seemed silly to her, it was important to him. A healthy relationship means mutual support, through all their weird quirks and interests!

3. There is equality

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A relationship should always be equal. Both of you must be able to have a say about the relationship and where it is going. Nobody’s opinion matters more than the others, and nobody holds all the power.

Remember, your romantic partner is your teammate! Together, you are able to form a strong team, with a stable foundation. For this to happen, there must be equality.

4. You have healthy disagreements

Communication is necessary in romantic relationships. Being honest with your romantic partner allows you to be your true self.

A key form of communication that is needed to maintain a healthy relationship is voicing disagreements. Conflict will naturally occasionally occur between you and your partner, and you have to be able to discuss it.

It is unhealthy for you and your partner to bottle up emotions and not have disagreements. Not talking about things means that you are not able to clear the air and grow together as a couple!

5. There is trust

Of course, a relationship cannot thrive without trust. If you do not trust your romantic partner, your self-esteem majorly suffers. If your partner does not trust you to go out for a night without telling them exactly where you will be or who you will be with, your relationship could be toxic and controlling.

Similarly, if you do not trust your partner, this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship. Why do you not trust them? Is it because of something they did or your own insecurities? Either way, the lack of trust needs to be addressed right away.

6. You can be yourself

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Being your true self in front of your partner means that you are both comfortable with each other! It is really important for you to be able to show your romantic partner all sides of you, and for them to accept you as you are.

Being your true self means that you don’t have to be constantly your best. In a healthy relationship, you are able to relax and chill out and have downtime together. You are able to cry in front of them and tell them when you feel upset. No makeup, sweatpants, and binge-watching reality TV together are all signs of a healthy relationship!

7. Boundaries are respected

Setting boundaries in your relationship is really important to do as soon as you and your romantic partner begin to date. Boundaries are linked to your self-esteem, and therefore when you set boundaries, you are able to be confident and comfortable with your partner.

A disregard for each other’s boundaries is a huge red flag in a relationship. You and your partner are a team, and therefore should show constant support and acknowledgment. With boundaries, you are providing you and your partner a clear and healthy framework for your relationship.

What if I don’t relate to these signs?

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We hope that this article has helped you understand what a healthy relationship looks like, and what to work towards in your love life.

But, what if you don’t relate to any of the signs in the article?

Truthfully, if you don’t see these signs in your relationship, you need to think really carefully about if the relationship is worth it or not. An unhealthy relationship can really harm your self-esteem and mental health, and if you and your partner can’t work together to form a healthy relationship, then you deserve better.

Lou Siday

Lou Siday

Lou Siday is a writer from North East England with a degree in Creative Writing. Having been on her own self-love journey over the last few years, she loves writing about empowerment and wellness! For Lou, communication, honesty, and mutual respect are essential when it comes to dating.


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