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7 Game Ideas for Virtual Date Fun

Man and woman playing games and drinking wine during date night.

So, you want to spend a fun night with your partner or date but you can’t see each other in person, whether that’s because of corona or your long-distance relationship. Just because you can’t be in the same room, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a quality date night! If you’re looking for inspiration, you’re in luck! Here are 7 virtual date ideas for a fun game night with your partner.

1) Turn up the heat with a cook-off

Take the date to the kitchen and have the ultimate showdown, a cook-off! Pick a recipe and the two of you should try to replicate it as best as you can. Since they can’t really taste the food from the other side of the screen, let’s just go off whose meal looks the best to crown the winner!

2) Sing your heart out with karaoke

Pop on your favorite song, find the lyrics on YouTube and just sing your heart out. You don’t have to be Mariah Carey to have a blast while singing, and it’s a great icebreaker if you’re brave enough!

3) Bond over a virtual escape room

Escape rooms are great fun in real life, so why not make it a virtual date! You can even make it a double date or have a group of friends tag along too. The Escape Game and Bank Heist are two of our favorites.

4) Test your joint knowledge with Psych!

Download the app Psych, and let the fun begin! Each of you will get a chance to make up fake answers to real trivia questions, and it’s your job to find out the real answer.

5) Get honest with Truth or Drink

Bring out both your deepest darkest secrets while having some real fun! Just get some drinks ready, ask each other questions and every time someone doesn’t want to answer, they have to take a sip! It’s pure entertainment. Here are some questions to start it off. Who knows what you’ll discover about each other!

6) Play Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever simply cannot be topped when it comes to learning more about your date. It’s the best thing to bring out a person’s true side and get to know them even better. Here are some juicy questions to really spice up the game and spark interesting conversations.

7) Learn more about each other with Table Topics

The Table Topics Date Night Version will require one of you to own the card set but then is easily played online over video call. This is best if you just want great conversation starters and no out-there dares.

Well, there you have it. We hope these virtual date night game ideas have helped you come up with a brilliant plan for your next online date!


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