6 Tips to Get Out of the Friend Zone and Start Dating Your Best Friend

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So, you’re in love with your best friend but you’re stuck in the friend zone. That’s a bummer, but it’s not the end of all hope! Believe it or not, it’s possible to get out of the friend zone and end up in a relationship with your best friend. Just think about it – you already have the emotional connection, you just need to create the attraction and passion. Read on to find out how!

1. Put yourself first

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You’ve probably been focusing on your romantic feelings for this person and it’s made you give them some special treatment! Do you always show up for them when they need you, even when you know they’d probably be fine without your help? Some people end up in the friend zone because they’re simply too nice!

If you have a meeting, a deadline, or anything else that you need to take care of, don’t drop everything without question to go and help your friend. Instead, try to stop putting your friend above your own priorities every time. We’re in no way saying you should treat your friend badly, but the goal is that they don’t take you for granted so that you don’t hear “You’re like a brother/sister to me”.

2. Become the best version of yourself

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We all have a few things about ourselves that we’d like to improve. Now’s the perfect time! Hit the gym, refresh your wardrobe and take up that new interesting hobby you’ve wanted to try for years. Do things that make you feel good and boost your confidence. Not only will you feel great about yourself, but there’s also an added bonus: nothing builds attraction like when someone is confident! So work on your self-esteem and radiate confidence and you’re bound to catch your friend’s attention.

3. Don’t just do favors, ask for them

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Have you heard of the Ben Franklin effect? This psychological phenomenon is when people are more fond of those they do favors for than those who do favors for them. Why not give this a go and use this to your advantage!

Ask for favors from your friend instead of just doing them. The more your friend invests in your relationship, the more the relationship (and you) is going to mean to them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it because, who knows, it might even contribute to your friend falling in love with you! Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it, but if you’ve been constantly doing favors for your friend, let them do a favor for you when the opportunity appears.

4. Don’t treat them as a friend

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This one might seem pretty obvious but if you don’t want them to be more than friends, stop treating them like a friend! Have you ever heard the phrase “Nothing changes if nothing changes”?

Reflect on how you act around your friend and consider where you could test out treating them more like a potential partner. Make your intentions clear without making them feel awkward or uncomfortable. You can take things slowly but, if you’re brave enough, simply ask them out to dinner; a simple date could reframe how they see you and be your ticket out of the friend zone!

5. Develop the sexual attraction

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A lot of people end up in the friend zone because they don’t dare to show their flirty side. Have you ever really turned on the charm with this person to make them see you as more than just a friend?

Gently touch their arm while you talk and use some tasteful pick-up lines. You can even read their palm and give them some cheeky hints about wanting to be more than friends. Give them compliments and joke around with them a little too.

6. Let them know how you feel

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Last but definitely not least, communicate your feelings with them! Some people stuck in the friend zone assume that their feelings are known without ever having told the person how they feel. Maybe your friend has no clue that you’d like to be more than friends!

Confessing your love out of the blue might take them by surprise so, once you’ve taken the brave step, give them some time to process this new information! However, you should most definitely drop hints about wanting to be more than friends before dropping the bomb. Once your friend starts seeing you as a potential partner instead of just a friend, ask them out.

Telling your friend you like them is nerve-wracking. But if you never shoot your shot, you’ll never know if they feel the same way! Take a chance and try out the tips above to get out of the friend zone and take your friendship to the next level. Good luck!

Ana Vakos

Ana Vakos

Ana Vakos has been a writer from a very young age and she now specializes in dating and relationship topics. Writing brings her great joy, especially if it can help someone find new love or improve an existing relationship.


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