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6 Helpful Tips to Beat Your Christmas Loneliness

Woman sitting alone on a couch surrounded by Christmas decorations

As a single person at Christmas time, it can sometimes feel like everything around you is shouting, “It’s better to be in a relationship!”. There are the Hallmark Christmas movies, the romantic social media posts, the cute Christmas decorations everywhere and it doesn’t end there! Understanding what triggers your feelings of Christmas loneliness is key to overcome it. 

But spending Christmas alone really is not as bad as people make it out to be, and it’s really not that uncommon! Plus, “alone” doesn’t mean “lonely”, and it’s way better to rock the festive season solo than postpone a breakup just so that you’ll have someone to drink eggnog with.
Nevertheless, in case the winter blues are creeping up on you, here are 6 tips to help you beat that Christmas loneliness! 

1. Change your mindset

While spending Christmas with a partner may be your ideal scenario, don’t allow thoughts of “what things should be like” to ruin your day. Try to focus on the positives instead of the negatives and see being alone on Christmas as an opportunity: reach out and grab it with both hands.

2. Volunteer on Christmas

There are so many fantastic organizations that you can get involved with! And at this time of year, everyone needs help. Choose something that is close to your heart and spend the day getting involved.

3. Spend Christmas Eve out

One of the best ways to not feel lonely is by spending Christmas Eve out with friends. This way you can have tons of fun with people who love you, meet new people and maybe even get a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe! It might take a bit of self-motivation to get up off the sofa and get ready, but as soon as you’re there, you’re sure to have a brilliant time!

4. Go on a date

Yes, it may seem a tad strange to have your first date on Christmas, but why not? There is nothing that will distract you more than going on a date! With all those first-date butterflies, you might even forget all about the pressures and stress of the festive season.

5. Spend time with people online

It may not be the same as in-person but you can still spend valuable time with friends and family online during Christmas. Whether you opt for a video call, playing games online or even having a virtual Christmas dinner together, it will be nice to be in their company even if it is through a screen.

6. Spend Christmas with "extended family"

If you have good friends, co-workers, be open and honest with them that you are going to be alone at Christmas and ask if you can spend the day with them. You might even find that you’re not the only one looking for company! To show your appreciation, be sure to offer to bring along some food and drink!

However you end up spending your festive season, we hope it’s full of joy, laughter and happiness.


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